Herbal Remedies trophy in Dead Space Extraction

Herbal Remedies

Beat the top score on the "East Grow Chamber" Challenge

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How to unlock the Herbal Remedies trophy

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    All of the challenge related trophies are A LOT easier than they appear to be. The best strategy to approaching all of them is to first complete the campaign portion of the game with all upgrades for at least the Force Gun and Rivet Gun found.

    Collectables Guide:


    Then start the challenges on normal (higher difficulty levels do not impact your points), let most enemies get as close a possible to you without attacking and spam the Force Gun primary fire. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount of points per kill as it causes most of the necromorphs body parts to fly off in a single hit. The enhanced necromorphs (dark complexion versions of the slashers and leapers) take 2 close hits from the Force Gun to kill. You may want to keep a slight bit more distance between you and the pregnant necromorphs during the first shot due to the swarmers that charge out. Immediately shoot it a second time to kill all the swarmers and then shoot it a last time to kill the pregnant necromorph off ( you can just shoot its legs out to avoid the swarmers but I believe you get 250 points per swarmer killed by doing it this way)

    For Lurkers (the little 4 legged necromorphs that shoot from their 3 tentacles), a fully charged secondary shot from the Rivet Gun will be enough to one hit kill it. Lastly, the spitters can most easily be taken down by throwing their projectiles back at them using Kinesis (technically this can be done to the Lurkers too but personally, I didn't find it as effective).

    Just make sure that you always keep an eye out for ammo and boxes some times hidden in the background of the maps. In the case you run out of Force Gun ammo, use charged alternate fire from the Rivet gun until you find more (normal difficulty tends to be the most generous when it comes to this).

    credit to lukey52 for the collectables guide
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    MexicanZenithAs an addendum, after waves three and six (out of ten), you'll get a slot-machine prompt to add a third and fourth weapon to your arsenal during that challenge run, which, unfortunately, you'll start receiving ammo for them, when you want to keep your Force Gun fed. That said, if running low on Force Gun ammo, switch to other guns and hope the enemies drop some ammo every so often. If I started to run low on Force Gun ammo, I'd save shots for the fast crawler necros or necros that ran and leaped at you, and I'd used stasis and rivet gun more until more ammo came in. Other than the Force Gun, being able to use your Stasis effectively is what will really help, and if it's maxed out, you'll rarely not have at least one charge up. I used it on the flying, the pregnant, and the lurker necros, to give you more time to deal with them or solo them out if many enemies are present.

    As long as you're hitting like 60-70+ kill streak or multiple 40+ kill streaks without taking damage, you'll be in good shape for beating the top score. Certain levels are bit tougher due to layout, such as Water Tunnels, Atrium, and Life Support challenges. For Water Tunnels, save Force Gun ammo to always deal with the necros that pop up from the water as a head-on-an-appendage necro can easily and quickly interrupt your kill streaks. Atrium was difficult due to every enemy type swarming, so use stasis on the flying and lurker necros to slow them or single them out. Life Support was tough due to the camera angles cutting off your view, so hit the necros early as they are running up to you, when two are coming from either side; and, the lighting made it tough to see the lurkers at some locations, usually I'd stasis one then look for the other.
    Posted by MexicanZenith on 21 Jan 19 at 06:27
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