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If You Ain't Cheatin', You Ain't Tryin'

Blow up 2,000 cars.

If You Ain't Cheatin', You Ain't Tryin'0
10 November 2019 - 1 guide

Trophy Guide for If You Ain't Cheatin', You Ain't Tryin'

  • Doc_ChopperDoc_Chopper91,568
    10 Jan 2016 11 Jan 2016 03 Feb 2016
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    Of course you can try to do this the legit way by just playing the game. But even then, you would need a long time to stack up those 2000 car destructions. But this trophy practicly abets you to cheat. So let's do it.

    Press cn_L2, cn_R2, cn_L1, cn_R1, cn_L2, cn_R2, cn_T, cn_S, cn_O, cn_T, cn_L2, cn_L1 to make every vehicle in range explode. Pro tip: Don't do it, while you ride in one (D'uh!).

    Rince and repeat the input of that cheat code for about 10 minutes constantly, then you should pass the 2.000 marker and the trophy pops.

    And, as always: Before you downvote this solution, please write down a comment first and tell me what might be the problem. Random downvotes are uncool. Thx.
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