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Hunting Season trophy in Grand Theft Auto 3

Hunting Season

Destroy five helicopters.

Hunting Season+0.3
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How to unlock the Hunting Season trophy

  • Doc_ChopperDoc_Chopper103,522
    10 Jan 2016 11 Jan 2016 04 Jul 2016
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    You will need a strong weapon: M4, AK-47, sniper rifle and a lot of clips to take down a helicopter. Or a rocket launcher. If you don't know where to find those lying around in the world, you can also use the weapons cheat: cn_R2, cn_R2, cn_L1, cn_R2, cn_left, cn_down, cn_right, cn_up, cn_left, cn_down, cn_right, cn_up

    Then get to an position, where the cops can't ambush or close in on you. Start a rampage killing civilians until you get 4 wanted stars. After a short time, you will hear a helicopter (respectively the pilot yelling at you). Take it down. It takes about 1-2 minutes until another helicopter spawns. After the fifth one, the trophy pops.

    If you don't want to cheat: You will get a rocket launcher (and much other stuff) in front of your hideouts, when you collect all the hidden packackes. As suggested by Kornfan2007

    And, as always: Before you downvote this solution, please write down a comment first and tell me what might be the problem. Random downvotes are uncool. Thx.

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    BeardedScot86I would add to your solution that you can unlock a rocket launcher by collecting all hidden packages. Some people don't want to cheat, so this gives them an easy way to unlock one at their base
    Posted by BeardedScot86 on 02 Jul 16 at 10:50
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  • Ryzo_ArashikageRyzo_Arashikage19,332
    02 May 2016 03 May 2016 03 May 2016
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    I recommend finding a location where cops can not get to you (with the exception of the helicopter of course) and using a rocket launcher for this trophy.

    First things first, you need to have either a sniper or assault rifle and a lot of ammo or a rocket launcher to kill a helicopter. You can either find one of these weapons on your own in game or proceed to the army surplus location at the very north end of Staunton Island. You can also use the weapons cheat which will give you access to all the weapons you might need. You might need to enter the code more than once to get enough ammo if you elect not to use the rocket launcher.

    Second, you need to find a good location. I suggest using the old sawmill in Portland just southeast of Joey's Garage. If you follow the road as it wraps around southeast you will see a wall starting from the entrance to the bus terminal and going towards the sawmill. You can walk onto that wall and then use it to jump over the wall surrounding the sawmill. Once inside the compound go straight and slightly right and you will see a pile of sawdust you can climb on to get on top of the roof of the mill.

    Once on the roof you are completely safe from cops because they can not get to you. However if you stand too close to the edge there is a possibility they can still shoot you. Once you are on the roof you can kill people or destroy cars from there in order to increase your wanted level or use the wanted level cheat.

    Once you obtain 5 stars the helicopter will spawn. Shoot it down. If you take too long the helicopter will start to shoot you. Rinse and repeat. Keep in mind after you kill a helicopter that it takes a minute for another one to spawn so just be patient.
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