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How to unlock the Future Retro trophy

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    This trophy can be missed so you need to actively search it out near the start of the game. (NOTE: There are more holotapes out there with other awesome games which if you find will also grant you the trophy but this is the earliest & easiest to get)

    I will try do this without spoiling the start of the game.

    Once you have control of your self and are in the vault you will come to a room with a Rad -Roach in it and this is the first time you will battle anything in the game. After that the map at the bottom will try direct you through the door heading to the left of the room with the roach in it but there is also another room that if you look strait on from the direction of the room and the way you entered, there is a computer terminal in there which has 3 options, the 3rd being play tape which loads up a kind of Easter Egg game in the form of Donkey Kong but Fallout Style. As soon as you select that option and start the game the trophy will pop.

    I have made a video showing you the exact location and do not worry there is no spoilers in it that would ruin the starting story for you. I just show you the room with the Roach which you have to go through but you could skip the terminal and there for miss the trophy and the fun of playing Fallout Donkey Kong lol.

    I do have a little discussion at the end of the video which i deliberately left until last so people not interested can just see the guide to the trophy and then stop watching if they wish.

    So i hope this helps. Happy gaming all toast

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