Revenge of the Battle-Cars

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Revenge of the Battle-Cars

Survival of the Fittest trophy in Rocket League

Survival of the Fittest

Equip a Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match

Survival of the Fittest+1.6
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How to unlock the Survival of the Fittest trophy

  • GuppethGuppeth191,300
    09 Nov 2015 09 Nov 2015 09 Nov 2015
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    This trophy is now very easy to get if you update to Rocket League 1.08.

    Create your Exhibition Match with 1v2 Unfair bots.

    Go to Mutator Settings and set Max Score to 1 GOAL.

    Change any other settings you think will give you an advantage. I set Boost Amount to UNLIMITED, Ball Max Speed to SUPER FAST and Boost Strength to 10X. This made it easier for me to smash the ball into the goal from far away.

    Start the match. If you score, you get the achievement. If they score, just try again.

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    BrotonI'd pretty much worked out this was going to be my approach to getting this trophy, so it's good to have it confirmed! Thanks Guppeth!
    Posted by Broton on 23 Dec 15 at 12:48
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  • Doc_ChopperDoc_Chopper118,639
    17 Oct 2015 17 Oct 2015
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    Below I have linked a video from a full match replay, where I earned this trophy at the end. If you don't have unlocked them already, you can also gain two other trophies in the same attempt.

    Rocket LeagueHot Shot, Part TwoThe Hot Shot, Part Two trophy in Rocket League worth 27 pointsWin the MVP award using Backfire, Scarab, or Zippy

    Equip the "Scarab" or "Zippy" as the car of your choice and win the MVP trophy at the end of the match. Should come naturally (but I can not guarantee this)

    Rocket LeagueHeartbreakerThe Heartbreaker trophy in Rocket League worth 62 pointsWin a game against All-Star Bots with a Decal equipped

    Also, have the "Hearts" Decal equipped on your car.

    And of course, to meet the requirements for this trophy you have to equip the "Shark Fin Topper" and then start an Exhibition match. Select "Unfair" as difficulty and then "1 VS 2" (should be default setting)

    In general theory, the tactics is fairly simple. Shoot the first goal and just defend your own for the rest of the match. But, easier said then done, so...

    General tip: If you don't really need it, I also would recommend you, to disable the ball-cam temporary.

    Like mentioned, right at the beginning of the match, instantly dash forward and shoot a goal after the first kick-off. If you can't make it, you might as well restart the match, but that's not a must if you are confient enough in your skills.

    For the second kick-off, just kick away the ball from your own goal, then head back there and wait until the opponents try to shoot at it. In 8/10 attemps, the AI will try to shoot straight head-on. When this happens, just kick the ball as far away from your goal as even possible to gain some time.

    If the opponent doesn't shoot head-on and the ball fly's in paralell to the boundary of the playing field you have to guess where it might bounce off to hit it and dispose it again. Also, always be on the lookout where both of the AI players are. You want to receive a goal because you lost track of one player.

    If the ball does not fly into the opponents half of the playing field, JUST STAY INSIDE YOUR GOAL AND DON'T LOOSE SIGHT OF THE BALL!
    If the ball and the opponents are far away and no immediate threat, use the momentum and refill your turbo boost. Best thing of course the full charge from the corners. Or the smaller recharge in front of the goal.

    Also, if the ball is far away in the opponent half and you see a chance to get another goal yourself to extend the lead, you might use the opportunity. But always be aware, this tactic could backfire on you if you are not 100% vigilant.

    Don't immediately give up if you receive a goal. Remember, the match runs 5 minutes. this can be a long time. And you always may get a chance to strike a fast counter-goal. In fact i would only advice you to restart, if you are behind more then one goal. Else, let the time run down and hope for a quick strike of your own.

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    Doc_ChopperWhy the negative vote? seriously? roll
    Posted by Doc_Chopper on 18 Oct 15 at 11:12
    frontzieThe mutators helped me a lot in getting this trophy. Also, set the gravity to Super High, and the Ball bounciness to Low - you get more control of the ball, making this trophy even easier.
    Posted by frontzie on 31 Jul at 11:41
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