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Demon Boy in Super Meat Boy
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Demon Boy766 (90)

Beat Hell dark world without dying

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Trophy won on 19 Nov 15
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Posted on 21 November 15 at 00:46, Edited on 21 November 15 at 00:48
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This is a difficult trophy. Plan on spending at least 4-6 hours learning the levels before you have a real chance at this trophy. The only "no-death" runs which are more difficult than this are: Zombie Boy and Girl/Impossible Boy.

Note: I strongly recommend turning down the music volume for these levels so you can hear the sound effects clearly. The "demon mouth" creatures make a distinct sound when approaching, and you can usually hear them before you see them. This makes some levels easier.

I've included a lot of level-specific pointers in the video. I think its difficult to use these tips without context, so I recommend just watching the video with text annotations on. If you're on a mobile device, unfortunately the Youtube annotations won't work, so I have copied some of them at the bottom of this guide.

If you need help on a particular level, the video timestamps & advice for each level are posted below.

My recommended order (initially): 19, 20, 8, 16-18, 12, 14, 15, 3, 7, 10, everything else.

Eventually, you'll master some of these levels. Among those that become "easy" with practice are: 8, 19, 16-18. When you find yourself clearing a level every time, you should rearrange this list. Keep the most difficult ones up front. The video shows the order I used when unlocking the trophy, which is much different than when I started.

Your order may vary.


You can play the levels in any order, so long as you beat them all in one sitting without dying. If you close the game or exit to title, you will lose progress. It's best to tackle the hard levels first, so when you're nervous toward the end (and you will be!), you only have the easier levels to worry about.

Some characters void the trophy: You definitely *cannot* use Tim or Meat Ninja. On the other hand - Meat Boy, Commander Video, Alien Hominid, Jill, Flywrench, Ogmo, The Kid, and Gish are all OK. I'm not sure about the rest.

If you clear the level by running into a glitched bandage girl, this still counts as completing it. Simply exit to map once you've entered the glitch world, and then continue as normal.

If you know death is imminent, you can pause and exit to map, it won't count as a death so long as its done before your character dies. Again, exit to MAP, do NOT exit to title or you lose your progress. You can also switch characters to restart the level, but make sure not to use one of the "void trophy" characters above. I just exit to map to be safe.


If you don't want to watch that whole video, level timestamps are below. I've included some tips as well in case you're on a mobile device and can't see the video annotations.

01 - 06:26 - Take your time. No real tricks here, just avoid the hazards as usual.

02 - 06:49 - Don't panic if the platform outruns you - just restart and try again. Follow path in video.

03 - 00:32 - Use Meat Boy - I don't think it's possible to complete this level with a slower character like Kid. Meat Boy handles very differently - if you've gotten used to double-jump, etc, I'd recommend doing this level early. It's easy to screw up. Some deaths are avoidable - if you see the lava catching up to you, just restart before you die.

04 - 07:10 - Take your time. No real tricks here, just avoid the hazards as usual.

05 - 07:50 - Use Commander Video. Practice the jump through the gears at the beginning until you're comfortable - it's the only difficult part, and Commander Video makes it pretty easy.

06 - 08:12 - Follow the path in the video. With Kid, you don't need to enter any of the buildings, which makes it much easier.

07 - 05:14 - The most important part of this level is to NOT HESITATE at the beginning. The easiest path is seen in the video. If you wait too long, the gears can get on different tracks, making it harder to complete.

08 - 05:32 - This was originally in my top 3 for difficulty, but it's much easier when using the "Gish" character. Hold "RB" to stick to walls. Hold "RB" + JUMP and you'll stick to the ceiling. The "ceiling stick" doesn't work 100% of the time - I don't know why. It seems to work more often if you're already stuck to the side of the wall, and then jump to ceiling without releasing JUMP/RB.

Practice this level & move until you're comfortable. See video for timing & path I take. Always remember that your "ceiling stick" may not work, and time those jumps so you have a chance to recover if it fails.

***Big thanks to OlBluey15 for the "Gish" strategy***

09 - 04:18 - Easy level. Kid can avoid most of the hazards. For the final jump, be aware of the sawblade which can stick through the ceiling. Follow the path in the video.

10 - 04:32 - This level is a little tricky, but not too bad with practice. For the first portal, you want to jump straight up into it, rather than sliding up the wall. If you slide, you'll go right into the sawblade on the other side. At the end, there are 2 ways to do the final jump. I think it's easiest to do it as seen in the video, just run full speed and you should make it.

11 - 04:55 - Easy level. Kid can (and should) skip all the portals.

12 - 03:23 - Lots of tight/tricky jumps here. This level will likely end several attempts and it should be done early. The only advice I have is to practice your center-platform jumps until you're comfortable. You want to SLIDE up to the top as seen in the video. Otherwise, its easy to go too high and be killed by the beams.

13 - 03:48 - Easy level. Follow the path in the video, and just restart if you miss the center key.

14 - 01:09 - Annoying level. Your jumps need to be very precise, and running too far ahead can also kill you. I recommend WALKING for most of this level as it gives you slightly more control over your jumps. Take care of this level early.

15 - 01:34 - This level can be intimidating at first, but you have lots of room to maneuver, and a "safe spot" in the bottom left. Watch the video and follow the same path I take, and you should have minimal problems.

16 - 01:54 - Keep moving & follow the path in the video. Make a "slight" jump at the end and slide up the wall. PAUSE the game when the demon explodes - if it looks like you might get hit, just restart and do it again until you're clear. It will sometimes be very close - I recommend just restarting if you aren't sure. Also, for some reason the spikes can kill you before reaching them. Jump a bit early.

17 - 02:17 - The jump through the portal is the most dangerous part. I found it was safe to run right behind the ball and jump through as its falling (see video). Don't lag too far behind the ball, or you'll get hit by a 2nd one.

18 - 02:36 - When you reach the open area, stay on the platform. Jump UP & slightly left as soon as you hear the enemy approaching. After that, you need to run up the right wall, and dodge 2 more demons before it's safe to jump back to the platform. Try to control the 2 extra demons as I do in the video - this makes it easy to dodge with some practice.

NOTE: there is a glitch in this level - when jumping on the elevator at the end, do NOT stay on the left side of it. You'll die when it goes around the corner.

19 - 03:04 - This has a reputation as a difficult level, but it's easy if you follow the path in the video. It will take some practice to get the timing down, but it works every time. Once you get this down, it will seem far less chaotic and easy to avoid the enemy. This level should be high on your list *until* you've mastered this path. Afterwards, you can save it for later.

20 - 00:05 - Do this one first since the beginning jump can kill you easily. The rest of the level isn't bad with practice.

Hope this helps! If you feel I've missed anything or are still struggling on a particular level, please comment below and I'll do my best to help.
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