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Fast Roller trophy in Katamari Forever

Fast Roller

Performed the Dash exactly 6 times before completing a Request.

Fast Roller0
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How to unlock the Fast Roller trophy

  • SifulysSifulys
    04 Apr 2014 04 Apr 2014
    This is as simple as the description says. Just do 6 Dashes (alternate both analogues sticks up and down until the Katamari spins. It will spin for a second then launch forward while making a whooshing sound) before you finish the level. I did it exactly 6 times and got the trophy to unlock. Make sure to be extra careful that you don't do it a sixth time or the trophy might not unlock (not 100% sure on this yet). I suggest waiting until time is almost up and then doing the 6 Dashes and then waiting until the level is over.

    The trophy will unlock once you Trophy Update is finished and you're returned back to the Village Square.
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    23 Feb 2014 23 Feb 2014
    Start a level and dash exactly 6 times before finishing the level. Dash by repeatedly wiggling the left and right sticks up and down (sticks should be wiggled alternately, so when the left stick is down, the right stick is up) After you wiggle them a few times, the katamari will spin and then go forward really fast and make a rushing sound. Trophy will not unlock until you finish the level and go back to the village square.

    Dashing doesn't seem to work on Katamari Drive mode.
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