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Platinum in Transformers: Devastation
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Platinum387 (90)

Completed all chapters, earning the highest rank, on difficulty COMMANDER or greater.

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Trophy Guide for Platinum

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Trophy won on 25 Nov 16
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Posted on 13 December 16 at 23:35
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I've created a video on how to earn "Platinum", very easy to do. If you watch the video it'll show what to do to get SS Rank on most, if not all, missions:
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Posted on 08 March 17 at 08:13, Edited on 08 March 17 at 08:15
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This is going to be a rather lengthy guide. Basically, save this trophy for last or right before getting the collectibles. It is a stall based trophy, and about as exciting to watch on stream as playing Skarm/Bliss/Cress in Pokemon, so I’d highly suggest not streaming it.
I used Optimus Prime for this, maxed out in stats. These are the weapons which I feel are mandatory:

A S ranked rifle, mine was Lv. 15, though above Lv. 20 is recommended
A S ranked default weapon, at least Lv. 20
A S ranked hammer with Attack Speed +, Lv. 40 (has a very, very big use in this)
Also, I’d highly recommend this weapon so you can headshot reversal spam if needed; however, it is possible to do without and I did not have access to it.

A S or SS ranked machine gun, Defect Level 5, Max Energy Up Level 5, Accuracy Level 5, and if you can get it, Focus Duration Up Level 5.
I also recommend a calculator to keep count and a PS Plus account or hard drive to reset in case you don’t get a chapter.
Basically, the core of my strategy was to dodge for a whole bunch of points ranging from 500 to 700 according to score caps, then rush attack the rest of the way. You can reversal headshot spam for extra points, though it is not necessary.
For some speed missions, I also abused the Rapid Sniper Rifle Spam technique. Essentially here I shot an enemy, quickly get go of focus, pressed it again, and rapidly switched between guys. This turned sniper areas with low points ranges from S to SS.

Here’s the mission by mission breakdown:

Chapter 1:

Mission 1: Kill 2 blue Ground Soldiers, dodge for 500 pts. (about 100 dodges), then rush attack spam the rest of the way
Mission 2: Rush Attack Spam the blue Ground Soldiers, rapid sniper rifle spam the two Seekers, then rush attack the rest. If you’re fast enough you’ll be just at the minimum for SS.
Mission 3: Devastator’s point cap is high, so this is going to take a while. Dodge him for 700 points, then rush attack spam kill him.
Mission 4: Rapid Sniper Rifle Spam, cap is low, you’ll get it for being super fast.
Mission 5: Probably the longest tech in this. Megatron stays behind his shield, and the point threshold is very, very high. R1 into the shots and get 700 pts. Then rush attack him down for more.
Mission 6: Isolate the sergeant and dodge him for 700 pts. Then rush attack the rest.
Mission 7: This one’s going to take a while. Rush attack the shield soldiers, then isolate a ground soldier and dodge him for 500 pts. Luckily the point cap is low.
Mission 8: Rapid Sniper Rifle spam. Low cap, you should get this.
Mission 9: Isolate the yellow Sergeant car, dodge for 500 pts, and rush attack the rest. Rapid Sniper Rifle the Seekers.
Mission 10: The first part doesn’t count, don’t lose track of Megatron. On the second form, dodge into the shots for 700 pts. (the cap is absurdly high here too), then rush attack him dead.
Mission 11: Isolate a blue soldier for 500 pts (this takes forever!), then rush attack the rest. You should get it in. If you don’t, reset, go for 700 pts in dodges.
Mission 12: 500 pts of dodges on the Constructicons, and rush attack the rest, don’t use a power booster for more power. It’s more than enough.
Mission 13: Rapid Sniper Rife spam here. Be fast!
Mission 14: Second Constructicon battle. Same as Mission 12.
Mission 15: Third Constructicon battle. Same as Missions 12 and 14.
Mission 16: Isolate one blue Ground Soldier, dodge for 700 pts. (to be safe), then rush the rest. DON’T MISS THIS MISSION! You don’t want to get the equivalent of an F rank for missing it!
Mission 17: Do 500 pts of dodges on the first firm, don’t use a power booster. Then rush attack him to finish him off. I got like 400 pts on dodges, but the cap is high, so necessary.

Chapter 2:

Mission 1: Isolate the Sergeant, and dodge for 500 pts. Then, rush down everything else. Point cap is low, so you don’t have to go crazy.
Mission 2: This mission is time consuming and a mess. You’ll have to dodge the Seekers’ shots for 700 pts because the cap is absurdly high here (tried speed running it and totally failed three times, not even close). Not much to say here.
Mission 3: Unlike Mission 6, it is possible to not speed run this and play it safe. Eliminate any help, then dodge the Sentry Bot’s shots for 700 pts, then destroy it.
Mission 4: Dodge the Insecticon attacks for 500 pts, then rush attack them. There are lots of rush attack points here, so you don’t have to go crazy dodging.
Mission 5: Bring Laserbeak and Ravage to you (Soundwave shouldn’t attack if you’re far enough away), and dodge them for 700 points being this is a high cap. Rush attacks to finish them off.
Mission 6: Dodge the Insecticons for 500 pts, rush down the rest. There are enough enemies here to not go crazy.
Mission 7: Get to the first area, defeat all but one, and dodge for 500 points. Then rush attack the rest. Plenty of opportunities here too, so no need to push yourself.
Mission 8: Just shoot down the Insecticons as fast as possible. Speed is key here, don’t get hit.
Mission 9: One of the missions where you get no help. Dodge for 700 pts, and avoid falling off the lift in case it gives a penalty. You have no real help here and it’s hard to rush attack, so dodges are crucial. Be prepared for this to take a half hour.
Mission 10: No help here either, but at least you can rush attack when this is over. Dodge for 700 pts, then rush attack. DO NOT go into the Ark: You will need the Ultimate for Mission 12, unless you want your chapter rank ruined.
Mission 11: Thank goodness there’s more than one enemy here! Dodge for 500 pts, then rush down. Should be enough.
Mission 12: This is not a good place to dodge, as there is a timer that goes off because of the Plasma Energy. This is one of the missions where you are going to have to take a loss. So just power boost, rush attack once, combo into Ultimate. Take your S Rank and be done with it. With 11 other SS’s you should be fine.

Chapter 3:

Mission 1: Set up Thundercracker to his final area, then dodge him for 700 pts because you get no help. You really can’t rush attack him either, so dodging is going to carry everything. If you REALLY want to be safe, go for 900 pts.
Mission 2: Dodge the first ground soldier for 700 pts, then rush attack the rest.
Mission 3: Dodge the Insecticon shots for 500 pts, then rush attack them dead.
Mission 4: Isolate a ground solder, dodge him for 500 pts, then rush attack everything else.
Mission 5: Another mission that takes like a half hour. Dodge the Seekers for 700 pts, then shoot them down, Rush attacking will be hard.
Mission 6: Don’t bother with the blue shield soldiers: They give nothing. Just kill them and advance. Dodge the Heavy Ground Soldier for 700 pts, then rush attack the rest.
Mission 7: This is another one that takes over a half hour. You have to dodge Starscream for 700 pts, then kill him normally because 1. The cap is high and 2. Rush attacks are like useless on him.
Mission 8: This is another speed mission. Remember that S Rank Lv. 40 Hammer I told you to get? This is where you use it for massive damage. If you take a hit checkpoint. Beat him within 20 seconds and don’t get hit. Instant SS rank, no questions asked.
Mission 9: Lots of grinding, but lots of opportunity. Dodge for 700 pts due to the high cap, then rush attack. Long, but trivial.

Chapter 4:

Mission 1: Dodge the first Seeker for 700 pts, then rush down the rest. Not too hard, and plenty of opportunities to dodge.
Mission 2: Rush attack the first part, when you get to the end door, isolate one Ground Soldier, dodge for 500 pts, then rush attack to finish off. More than enough.
Mission 3: First part gives nothing. Do whatever you’re going to do for the race, then when you get to the boss fight, dodge for 700 pts (combo the energy balls for 10-15 dodges if you can, speeds things up), then rush attack for the victory.
Mission 4: Ally Defense. Rush attack the first set (be careful though), then Power Booster and Rapid Sniper Rifle Spam. Should get the SS just barely
Mission 5: Do not use a Power Booster here (let it run out if it’s active), then dodge for 500 pts and rush attack to victory. Not terribly hard considering all the opportunity. Bring a few Repair Packs in case you get hit.

Chapter 5:

Mission 1: Arguably the longest grind in the game, and you get absolutely no help, even in health recovery, Dodge for 700 pts (maybe 900 just to be safe!!!), and then kill Starscream. You really can’t rush attack him either because he flies all over the blasted place.
Mission 2: Rush attack the Yellow Sergeants, then dodge Blitzwing for 500 pts and rush attack him down. Very easy, goes fast too.
Mission 3: Easily the easiest mission so far. You can massive combo the beams and small balls for points. 700 points will do here, even 900 is easy. Smack Shockwave with the Lv. 40 hammer at the end so you don’t die or take any Auto Repair penalties if they exist.

Chapter 6:

Mission 1: Rush attack the small Insecticons, then dodge for 500 points on the big one. Easy mission here.
Mission 2: Once again, ally defense. Rush attack spam the first two Ground Soldiers, then Power Booster/ Rapid Sniper Rife spam everything else. Do your favorite combo on the claws, then rush attack the last enemies for more points. Easier than the first as long as Wheeljack doesn’t die
Mission 3: You will probably fall off here, so take some extra points. Isolate the Yellow Sergeant by rush attacking everything, then dodge for 700 pts. Then just kill the claw with your favorite combo.
Mission 4: This fight is on a timer in the form of the Sentry Bot removing the platform, so you’re going to have to take this at a loss. Power Booster, combo into Ultimate, get an S rank. Make sure you don’t S rank anything else in the chapter.
Mission 5: Rush attack the small Insecticons, Rapid Sniper Rifle the Seekers, and pick either the big Insecticon or a Heavy Ground Soldier and dodge for 500 pts. Really easy.
Mission 6: Kill Frenzy or Rumbie as fast as possible in any way possible: They’re very disruptive. Combo dodge Soundwave’s attacks, dodge Laserbreak and Ravage, for a tune of 700 points. Then rush down Soundwave. Should be more than enough even with the high cap. If you want to be safe go for 900, which is really easy here.

Chapter 7:

Mission 1: Power Booster, Rush Attack. Because of the Autobots killing the enemies, you have to get the time and damage bonus here.
Mission 2: Power Booster, Rush Attack. Very difficult, be prepared to use your PS Plus/USB a lot here. You will probably not get this on the first try.
Mission 3: Rush attack all the help, then combo dodge Motormaster’s attacks constantly while letting the Autobots kill him. You should reach the cap.
Mission 4: Power Booster, Rush Attack. I might use an Item Scanner item here to get more boosters.
Mission 5: Power Booster Rapid Sniper Rifle spam. Low cap here. Use your PS Plus/USB to reset if you have to.
Mission 6: This one’s TOUGH! Not only are you going to have to Power Booster Rush Attack, you’re going to need to fast dodge too to avoid explosions! I had to use the PS Plus/USB here, but it is doable.
Mission 7: Power Booster Rapid Sniper Rifle spam. Cap is low.
Mission 8: No matter what I did, I could not SS Rank this mission, as I had to take a loss. Power Booster Rush Attack to get an S, the only way you can SS Rank this I believe is to have an S or SS Ranked Machine Gun Defect Level 5 to Reversal Headshot Spam. No good advice here, but I SS Ranked everything else, so I got it.
Mission 9: Power Booster Rush Attack combo the two while they’re down. Not as bad as the other jet fights.
Mission 10: No need to dodge here for any spam. Just rush attacking everything with no Power Booster will be enough, as the enemies are all bulky. Don’t worry about your allies: You have enough to cover.
Mission 11: I would just Power Booster rush attack the first Megatron, he does way too much damage and has way too many field effects. When you get to the 2nd form, unload everything that's not a Power Booster (which you don't want to use): Hard Coats, Repair Packs (going to need them), and dodge for 700 pts. When you’re done, rush attack him. I had over 1000 points total, more than enough.

There you have it folks! Enjoy! This one took me 3 days of long sessions to complete.
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