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Need for Speed

Achieve a Complete Speed Run Time of Less than 2 Hours and 30 minutes

Need for Speed+0.7
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Trophy Guide for Need for Speed

  • BrokenKnghtBrokenKnght77,564
    15 May 2016 16 May 2016
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    Tweaks are not available for speed runs, but the 2 hours and 30 minutes is pretty reasonable on easy (I ended up around 2 hours 18 minutes). Chapter skips can't be used, as it will cause the trophy to not pop at the end (my first attempt I did chapter skips and the trophy did not pop). If you find you're taking too much time on a platforming section or during a firefight reset checkpoint; this will also reset your time and you can attempt it again for a faster time.

    I found this video to be helpful for some good routes on chapters, and which battles you can skip entirely (e.g., Church battle outside where you meet up with Sully and Elena in the crypt). All credit to the original video creator:

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