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Up a Short Creek Without a Paddle

Beat 'Chapter 12 - Heading Upriver' in less than 5 minutes

Up a Short Creek Without a Paddle0
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  • DanokittyDanokitty53,119
    13 Oct 2015 13 Oct 2015 13 Oct 2015
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    Seems challenging, but actually plays out very simply. Play on Easy difficulty so that you can take a few stray bullets without slowing down, and follow these three steps:

    • Accelerate from start to finish. Only lay off if you are on an immediate crash course with a barrel you've missed. Do not stop to engage enemies. Fire at them as you drive, but do not slow down or aim down your sights at them unless you get stuck/ turned around and will otherwise get killed.

    • Always be shooting. Explosive barrels are the primary targets, enemies are only secondary, and can be ignored and sped past. As soon as a target enters your field of view, quickly focus on it by using the right stick, (Do not aim down your gun sights, as it is far too slow for the pace of this mission and will get you killed) and fire your infinite pistol ammo until everything is destroyed, preferably before it gets within 10 feet of you.

    • Know your route. Don't try earning this your first time around, or you'll just get frustrated. Play through normally, learn the path, the enemy locations (there aren't many), the barrel locations, and learn how to target and destroy barrels at a safe distance.

    Not counting my original campaign play through, acing this in under 4 minutes took two tries, and only because a stray barrel snuck up on me around a waterfall.

    Thank you for positive votes! Please comment if I've made a mistake or you have anything to add. Stay tuned, as I'll be adding many more for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection as I play and unlock them. Feel free to add me on PSN! Happy Hunting :)

  • Tales_of_WilliamTales_of_William38,476
    07 Jan 2016 08 Jan 2016
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    Hello guys, this trophy is easily obtained.
    I got mine in 2.47 min.

    -Play on easy
    -Hipfire at the barrelscn_R2
    -Position yourself well before a waterfall ^^smile
  • niteowl1980niteowl1980431,675
    11 Oct 2015 11 Oct 2015
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    This one is the more straight forward of the speed run chapters. The only real advice I can give is to try and ignore the soldiers as if you get past quickly enough they should never kill you. The barrels will always one hit kill you so it's up to you to either drive around them or shoot them. There is plenty of time to shoot some key barrels.

    The video shows my route, it was far from perfect and came it at just over four minutes.

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