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Steel Fist Expert

Kill 10 Enemies in a Row with a Single Punch After Weakening Them with Gunfire

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Trophy Guide for Steel Fist Expert

  • DanokittyDanokitty53,141
    13 Oct 2015 13 Oct 2015
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    This is the absolute quickest/ easiest method for those who've beaten the game, or at least to this point. Load up Chapter 11: Trapped on Easy difficulty. This chapter throws you immediately into the action as soon as you're down the stairs, and the starting room alone offers enough enemies to complete this trophy easily, even with a mistake or two early on. Restarts won't set you back any time at all.

    On Easy difficulty, even the basic starter pistol will allow you critically wound enemies with a single hip-fire (fire without aiming down gun sights) shot, and kill them by following up with a single punch (cn_S). You can do this on other chapters or difficulties, but stronger enemies means more damage required before punching, and therefore more chance for error.

    When you spawn, run down the staircase and jump down on its right side where the railing is broken off. You will land next to a Dragon Sniper. Pick it up, and hug the wall. Use it or normal pistol fire to kill the big, shotgun enemy coming around the corner next to you. Then use your sniper to look at the balcony to the top right, and snipe that guy. Then focus your sniper on the turret fire, directly in front and above you. Peek out from your wall where you picked up the sniper, zoom in, and shoot him in the leg. The sniper will kill him in one shot regardless.

    With those three nuisances cleared, simply run around the room, using cover as needed, and hip-fire one pistol round, followed by a punch to kill. So long as you see blood from enemies after you fire, it means your shot hit, and a single melee attack (kick, punch, or slam) should kill them. The game is slightly forgiving towards accidental extra shots/punches during your spree, but not by much. Continue this pattern until it pops.
  • mysticmoshmysticmosh574,746
    08 Oct 2015 10 Oct 2015
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    I found this best on normal and chapter 4. If you use the PM9mm pistol, it takes 2 shots to 1 punch to kill enemies at this setting. There are 2 big firefights in this level that could be used to get this trophy. I did it on the first of these, set amongst some ruins. Just run and gun toward your target firing the 2 shots then land the punch. Repeat until trophy unlocks.
  • SW4-The-OblivionSW4-The-Oblivion18,621
    13 Oct 2017 13 Oct 2017
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    This is done just after you open the first chain done on Chapter 11. one shot the guy in the tunnel with the PM-9MM, then punch with SQ. save game & reload the save.. repeat. also Master Ninja can be gained here also but you can restart checkpoint for that.

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