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Endurer trophy in Katamari Forever


Obtained 50,000 points in the punishment mini-game.

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How to unlock the Endurer trophy

  • dehershdehersh138,585
    07 Sep 2013 10 Sep 2013
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    A relatively straight forward trophy that just requires you to survive long enough during the punishment mini-game until you reach 50,000 points.

    To access this mini-game just fail any request and you will be transported to a simple game where you need to dodge falling rocks launched at you by the King/RoboKing.

    A great way to boost this is to play the Hot Stuff request found in the King's Cosmos. This is the stage where you need to collect hot items and avoid cold ones. Just speed over to a group of cold items and collect them, this should make for a quick fail.

    Once the mini-game starts make sure to lose your first two lives as this will make dodging the rocks easier. Also, if you were to get hit while still having more than one life it will slow down your point accumulation.

    After you are left with one life walk over to the right side of the screen and you should be able to just stand there. Most rocks will miss you, but some can still hit so make sure to move out to the left every now and again if you see one coming.

    I hope this helps and have fun!!
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  • CNash85CNash8540,561
    20 Jan 2023 21 Jan 2023 21 Jan 2023
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    For whatever reason, this game can be easier or harder depending on which cousin you're playing as. They're all different shapes and sizes, and this translates as them having differently-sized hitboxes in the punishment mini-game.

    Myself and other players have had the most success with Cousin Drive - the boxy orange cousin who rolls around on a wheel. He appears to have a very thin hitbox, which gives him more chance of avoiding the falling rocks, and means that some rocks can appear to intersect him without connecting with his hitbox and scoring a hit.

    The overall strategy is simple: head to the far left of the screen and stay there for as long as possible, only moving if you absolutely need to in order to avoid a rock. The random patterns of the rocks and Cousin Drive's smaller hitbox means you should have a decent chance of getting to 50,000 without needing to do very much at all.
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