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Lemur Neeson in Armello
Silver Trophy

Lemur Neeson101 (30)

Regain a Recruited Follower to your Party whom you had already lost that game.

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Trophy Guide for Lemur Neeson

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Trophy won on 02 Oct 15
TT Score for this game: 2,731
Posted on 16 September 15 at 13:05, Edited on 21 October 15 at 17:01
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Undoubtedly Lemur Neeson is the hardest trophy in the game (not counting the unpredictable luck-based encounters). Indeed it is "nearly impossible" alone, and as far as I know, still very quite difficult even when boosting. Recommend have 3+ humans when boosting.

The strategy is this: The person who needs the trophy must recruit a follower, any one is fine. To clarify, 'recruiting' is like equipping but for followers, so you'll have to pay the use cost. The same person(s) must also obtain a card which allows them to steal from a target's hand.

There are two: Glamour, a 'rare' Spell (play to hero) costing 2 magic (suitable for all heroes then) which takes 1 card,
or Wandering Circus, a 'unique' Trickery (play to plains, settlement) costing 2 gold which takes 2 cards. Note that the latter can still be played to hero if they are on the right type of tile.

Anyone who's helping out will need to get Bribery, a 'unique' Trickery (play to hero, settlement) costing 5 gold which takes 1 recruited follower.

The target recruits (equips) the follower, the helper uses Bribery to steal it, then burns every other card in their hand while remaining nearby. They must NOT equip it and must NOT burn it. The target then uses Glamour/Wandering Circus on the helper to steal it back, which is guaranteed if it is the only remaining card in hand; finally they must re-equip it.

If more than one person is seeking the trophy (like at the start of a boosting session), everyone should try to do the first two steps (follower and steal-back card), and anyone not needing the trophy should do the third (hunt Bribery). Once someone has achieved the first two parts (follower and steal-back card) in a match, they're ready, so everyone else should turn selfless and just help look for Bribery.
Hope that helps.

If doing it against bots you could equip a follower and prepare a steal-card-from-hand card as usual, but then you'd just have to wait and hope for someone to use bribery on you, and THEN hope they don't equip the follower AND you get luck to steal the follower back, which would require BOTH them being victim to your card (one is a peril and the other is limited range) AND the right card being chosen (1 random card out of a 4-6 card hand is not good odds).
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Trophy won on 31 Dec 15
TT Score for this game: 2,731
Posted on 31 December 15 at 16:26
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After hours and hours of patience and frustration, I finally got my long awaited Lemur Neeson and subsequent Platinum trophy. I did this alone, vs. bots, since I could not find anyone online to boost with me. The strategy above is sound, but I wanted to elaborate on the strategy for those crazy enough to brave this trophy on their own. Here is my strategy (note, it is very similar to the above, so apologies for any redundancy). Also, you will need to quit/reload... a lot:

General Tips:
-The goal is to max out your Wits so as to go through as many trickery cards as possible per turn. To do this, I used Mercurio with the Wits Talisman and any ring you choose (I chose the red one).
-These are the cards you need: Wandering Circus & Rangers
-These are the cards that will help out: Glamour & Teleport
-The trophy will only pop on a regular game; custom games do not work. I learned this the hard way, after pulling off the stunt in a custom game, only to have the trophy not pop at all.
-Avoid fighting unless absolutely necessary.
-You want a minimum of 10 gold on you at all times. A couple of dungeon runs should do the trick.
-At the beginning of each round, look at every settlement and see if there is a new peril on it. Make this routine. More details below.
-If you find that the general circumstances suck, and you are sure it won't work, then start a new game.

Here are the steps:
- Recruit a follower. This should be done as soon as possible, preferably before the start of the 3rd day. The squire follower is cheap, but if you get killed, he disappears, so not ideal. The follower has to be equipped, or this will not work. Once you have a follower equipped, you do not need to look for them anymore.

- Every turn, pull trickery cards. Pull only trickery cards, do not waste your time on the others. You do this until you get the wandering circus card; when you get it, hold on to it for dear life. Do not burn it. Do not use it. Do not lose it. This is where having high wits is crucial; it allows you to cycle through cards faster. Aim for a trickery of 7-8, but the higher the better. If you happen to start off with or pull the Glamour card, hold on to this one as well.

-If you do not pull the wandering circus or glamour card; then spend the turn burning or using all your cards so as to have as empty a hand as possible for the next round. Burn the useless cards on perils or fights.

*If in the process of pulling cards, you get the bribery card; immediately quit and restart. This is important, since you want the AI to pull the card. When you restart, pull all the trickery cards before the bribery card appears. When you restart your save, the order of the cards will not change, so if you pulled the bribery card on your 4th pull, then restart and pull the 3 cards before it and stop and pull magic or item cards instead. Then you need to pay close attention to what cards the AI are pulling once you end your turn; if they pull a trickery card, then they most likely pulled the bribery card.

*You will need to watch to see if the AI places the bribery card on a settlement as a peril. The AI will almost never place the bribery peril on a settlement you own, a settlement that already has a peril, or a settlement that is occupied by a bane/soldier. They will place it on unoccupied settlements, or most likely their own settlement. This means that you need to own the minimal amount of settlements as possible, so as to give the chance for the AI to grab them.

*If you see a settlement with a peril on it; use your rangers card on the settlement to see what peril it is (press square on the settlement), and who the peril belongs to. If it is a King's peril, it will not count. If it is not the Bribery peril, quit and restart, then go over there and get rid of the peril. If there is a bane on the settlement, get rid of the bane. Sometimes, the AI will do this for you.

-If you have identified a settlement with a Bribery peril on it and you know who it belongs too, then you need to guard that settlement at all costs. Do not let any hero on that settlement. Banes and guards are okay, but you will need to fight them off to get to it when the time comes.

-Once you see a settlement with Bribery on it and you know who it belongs to, you have a follower equipped, AND you own the glamour or wandering circus card, then you need to wait and time your strike.

-Wait until the AI that placed the bribery peril is either on a Plains tile or a settlement. Then enter the bribery peril and PURPOSEFULLY LOSE. If you win the peril, then quit and restart. I used cards to raise the difficulty of the peril so as to make sure I lost. Once that is done, immediately use your Wandering Circus card on the AI player; again, the AI HAS to be on a plains tile or a settlement. Keep in mind, Wandering Circus only takes 2 cards from the other player, so there is blind dumb luck involved in this. You can use Glamour as well; this only takes one card, but you can use it on any tile as long as the AI is not in the castle and is not invisible.

-Immediately re-equip the follower, watch the trophy pop, then pass out from exhaustion.

I want to warn you again; this will take HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS before you get the right set of circumstances. Sometimes, you will find the bribery peril, but have no Wandering circus or Glamour cards to use, and vice-versa. With patience though, you will have the right circumstance appear! Good luck to everyone, and message me if you want more details or help boosting!

PSN: QuesoGrande716
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