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Up to the Task

Complete all non-repeating challenges

Up to the Task+2.0
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How to unlock the Up to the Task trophy

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    Up to the Task Guide

    Hello guys, I have put together this guide after playing the game, to share my experience. I’m not a native english speaker if you find it bizzarre, please contact me to rectify it.
    I played the 1.06 patch version of the game and I have not experienced any issue with any challenges.
    Challenges requires a bit of planning to achieve them smoothly and they are split in three types: Wasteland, Ground Combat and Vehicle Combat.
    There are 144 challenges you need to complete in total, and only the ones that don’t have “completed x amount of times” under the description.
    You need to play the main quest up to some point to unlock skills about Max and his vehicle.
    The map is split in five parts and four of them show a threat level of 5 at beginning of the game. Doing activities decreases the threat level, just remember to don’t lower it under 3 and to ignore convoys (they are a great asset). Lowering the threat level means a decreasing of random encounters with enemy vehicles.

    Wasteland Challenges

    They are tied to some trophies so you’ll achieve them simply playing.

    • Low Hanging Fruit - Complete 5 scavenging locations
    • What's Yours is Mine - Complete 13 scavenging locations
    • Picking the Carcass - Complete 18 scavenging locations
    • Reaper of the Harvest - Complete 191 scavenging locations

    There are in total 227 scavenging locations so I suggest you to start from the beginning to hunt them down. I double checked every single time in statistics and in legend and it went all smoothly. I first eliminated enemies then looted it without pressuring the autosave.

    • Paradise Lost - Find 3 history relics
    • Faded Memories - Find 15 history relics
    • Clearing the Fog - Reveal 3 regions by using balloons
    • Revelations - Reveal 13 regions by using balloons
    • Man is not made for Defeat - Repopulate 2 camps
    • Rising from the Ashes - Repopulate 12 camps
    • A place to lay my Hat - Repopulate all remaining 22 camps
    • A Sign of the Times - Destroy 8 Scrotus insignia
    • Pain and Triumph - Destroy 15 Scrotus insignia
    • A Declaration of War - Destroy 30 Scrotus insignia
    • The writing's on the Wall - Destroy the remaining 77 insignia
    • Eradicator - Complete the main objectives for 1 camp
    • 2 Birds with 1 Stone - Complete the main and optional objectives for 3 Scrotus camps
    • Make Hay while the Sun Shines - Complete the main and optional objectives for 10 Scrotus camps
    • Multi-task Master - Complete the main and optional objectives for 15 Scrotus camps
    • Death on your Doorstep - Complete main and optional objectives for remaining 9 Scrotus camps

    Insignias are located inside Scrotus camps so you don’t need to worry about them.
    Relics (103 in total) are located inside scavenging locations and Scrotus camps.
    Optional objectives are about finding all the loot (Scrap, relic, insignia,project) inside Scrotus camps.
    Repopulate camps means to conquer Scrotus camps.

    • Shooing the Rooks - Destroy 4 scarecrows
    • A cat amongst the Pigeons - Destroy 12 scarecrows
    • Scattered Ashes - Destroy 15 scarecrows
    • From Dust to Dust - Destroy 20 scarecrows
    • He who watches the watchers - Destroy all remaining 28 scarecrows
    • Pick of the Day - Take out 5 Scrotus Leadslingers
    • I've got my eye on you - Take out 10 Scrotus Leadslingers
    • Storming the Guard - Destroy 5 large Sniper towers
    • Toppler - Destroy 10 large Sniper towers
    • Precautionary Measures - Destroy 5 land mines
    • Calm like a Bomb - Destroy 10 land mines
    • Cut the right Wire - Destroy 30 land mines
    • No need to call the Bomb Squad - Defuse all 45 remaining land mines
    • Calling the Shots - Reduce all threat within 1 region of Jeet's territory
    • Striking their Colours - Reduce all threat within 1 region of Gutgash's territory
    • What goes Around - Reduce all threat within 1 region of Pink Eye's territory
    • The coast is Clear - Reduce all threat in remaining 4 regions within Jeet's territory
    • Calm Seas - Reduce all threat in remaining 4 regions within Gutgash's territory
    • The Dust Settles - Reduce all threat in remaining 4 regions within Pink Eye's territory
    • Lock, Stock and Barrel - Complete all stockpile projects for Jeet
    • Keep your powder Dry - Complete 5 projects for Jeet
    • All wrapped Up - Complete the remaining 6 projects for Jeet
    • Full to the Gunwales - Complete all stockpile projects for Gutgash
    • All hands on Deck - Complete 5 projects for Gutgash
    • Batten down the Hatches - Complete the remaining 6 projects for Gutgash
    • Save it for a Rainy Day - Complete all stockpile projects for Pink Eye
    • The Wheels are Turning - Complete 5 projects for Pink Eye
    • Move that Bus - Complete the remaining 6 projects for Pink Eye
    • Fuel to the Fire - Complete all stockpile projects for Deep Friah
    • Irons in the Fire - Complete 5 projects for Deep Friah
    • Burning the Midnight Oil - Complete the remaining 6 projects for Deep Friah

    Projects are looted inside Scrotus camps and scavenging locations, pretty simple to achieve.

    • A Talkative Man - Speak with 8 Encounters in Jeet's territory
    • Chatty Chatty - Speak with 11 Encounters in Gutgash's territory
    • Bigmouth - Speak with 12 Encounters in Pink Eye's territory
    • Making Friends in Gastown - Speak with 7 Encounters in Gastown

    You will find enough people to speak with, inside the four territories. These people are denoted by a purple circle on the map.

    • Don't spend it all in one Place - Collect 1000 scrap
    • Metal Detector - Collect 10000 scrap
    • The One Percent - Collect 45000 scrap
    • Canary in a Coalmine - earn 1000 scrap from repopulated camps
    • Sitting on a Goldmine - earn 10000 scrap from repopulated camps
    • A Penny Saved - Earn 500 scrap from Scrap Crews
    • Dividend - Earn 2000 scrap from Scrap Crews
    • Trash is Treasure - Earn 500 scrap from Clean Up Crews
    • Clean Sweep - Earn 2000 scrap from Clean Up Crews

    Challenges about Clean Up Crews, Scrap Crews and repopulated camps need to be started as soon as possible and not beyond the first half main quest. These challenges will help toward collecting 56000 scrap (1000+10000+45000) and to achieve the two trophies about collecting scraps in your pocket.

    • We Die to each other Daily - Kill 60 enemies from the Scrotus faction, either on foot or in a vehicle
    • A Threat is a Threat - Kill 60 enemies from the Roadkill faction, either on foot or in a vehicle
    • Silencing the Squawk - Kill 30 enemies from the Buzzard faction, either on foot or in a vehicle
    • Major Blowout - Shoot 30 tires on moving vehicles with the Shotgun
    • Set up us the Bomb - Destroy 50 red barrels
    • Tentative Tastebuds - Eat 1 serving of maggots
    • Flavour of the Month - Eat 6 cans of food
    • Wasteland Gourmet - Eat 12 cans of food
    • Happy Hour - Give water to 1 Wanderer
    • Sticky Fingers - Open 5 containers or doors using the Jimmy Bar
    • Pandora's Box - Open 10 containers or doors using the Jimmy Bar
    • Behold, The Flying Fox - Use 30 zip lines
    • Like a 10 day Camel - Fill the Canteen fully, 30 times (30000 drops)
    • Tango in a Twister - Defeat 3 enemies, either on foot or in a vehicle, while in a storm
    • 2 are better than 4 - Destroy 5 moving vehicles while on foot
    • What are the Chances - Collect 3 boxes of scrap from Muthaloot crates
    • Amateur Archaeology - Pull 1 buried vehicle out of the sand with the harpoon

    You need to look out for “Major Blowout” while in Jeet’s territory and races are the best place to earn it.
    “Sticky Fingers” and “Pandora's Box” you need to buy right at the start the Jimmy Bar in the Max menu.
    “Tango in a Twister” and “What are the Chances” are linked to sandstorm. You need to eliminate 3 enemy vehicles while in a sandstorm (not in one try); Muthaloot crates can be looted at the end of a sandstorm (not in one try). Sandstorm are random with mild regularity.
    All you need to do is survive in a sandstorm eliminate enemy vehicles if there is a chance and loot Muthaloot crates when it ends.

    Ground Combat Challenges

    Combat system resembles a bit Batman Arkham series, Square attack, Triangle counter, there are finishers. You can use melee weapons, your shotgun and there is a fury mode that slow down time a little.

    • As vicious as a Bandicoot - Defeat 5 enemies by impaling them with a Thunderstick

    You will find Thunderstick inside Scrotus camp and some Balloon points.

    • Laying the Smackdown - Kill 100 enemies in melee combat
    • Suckerpunched - Perform 10 Gut Shot kills using the Shotgun
    • Swing Batter Batter! - Defeat 5 enemies with a melee weapon
    • Slam Dunked! - Perform a Fury Finisher on 15 enemies
    • Bone Crunching - Defeat 10 enemies with a melee weapon
    • Peace Pact - Disarm 5 enemies
    • Rendered Defenseless - Disarm 10 enemies

    Disarming enemies requires two skill “Reversal” and “Master Melee Reversal” buyable in the skills section of the Max menu.

    • Slow Burner - Fill the Fury meter in 60 seconds or less
    • Measured Savagery - Fill the Fury meter in 50 seconds or less
    • Feeding Frenzy - Fill the Fury meter in 40 seconds or less
    • Rage against the Meter - Fill the Fury meter in 30 seconds or less
    • A taste for Violence - Fill the Fury meter in 20 seconds or less
    • Rattling your Dags - Fill the Fury meter in 10 seconds or less
    • Unstoppable - Kill 8 enemies in melee combat during 1 Fury Mode

    You need to upgrade Max in the Max menu and upgrade Fury Mode with Griffa coins
    which increases Fury Mode duration. Fury meter fill up every time you defeat enemies so going into camps with a meter almost filled will help greatly with “A taste for Violence” and “Rattling your Dags”.
    “Unstoppable” requires to make it easy an half upgraded Max and a significative increase of Fury Mode. I achieved it on my fourth try inside a camp, just make use of shotgun, blunt weapon and finisher and try to go inside a camp with your Fury meter half filled. Someone may find it tougher right at the start, so just stay away from camps and focus on the main quest, side quest, sub quest, balloon points and scavenging points.

    • Fists of Fury - Perform a combo chain of 15 or above
    • Found my Rhythm - Perform a combo chain or 20 or above

    They are are in the middle range in term of difficulty. You need to upgrade Max and get some familiarity with the combat system; there are many chances of achieving these two challenges during the main quest, sub quest a sub-activities.
    I made them on my first try with a combo chain of 36 hits. Having experience with Batman Arkham series or Shadow of Mordor/War will greatly help.

    • Untouchable - Defeat 8 enemies in melee combat in a row without taking any damage.
    • Unbreakable - Defeat 12 enemies in melee combat in a row without taking any damage

    They are easier than they appear, you need to defeat 12 enemies in a row without being hit but you don’t need to do it in a single encounter. It means you can plan how to achieve it (multiple battle, random encounters, Scrotus camps alone, scavenging points).

    • Unstoppable - Kill 8 enemies in melee combat during a Fury Mode

    It requires to upgrade Fury Mode to maximum visiting Griffa. You need to kill eight enemies in a single Fury Mode, so you need Fury meter more than half filled at the beginning of a battle. Camps are good choices to achieve it.

    Vehicle Combat Challenges

    The Vehicle Combat Challenges requires to destroy vehicles from a specific faction or a specific vehicle.
    The X button of your DS4 will activate special attack of enemy cars when you’re driving them.
    Scrotus vehicles are common with a high threat level, they are find in convoys so until you don’t destroy the leading vehicle they respaw indefinitely.
    Roadkill are common to meet and they can be found in races so they are the perfect farming point.
    Buzzard can be meet only at night time so you need to go around at night time. There are a couple of quest that will help in destroying buzzard vehicles.
    Some challenges requires to posses a specific car or destroy a specific car. You can obtain cars winning races. At every race location you can choose among 2-4 specific vehicles, just choose a car, win the race and you’ll find it inside your garage (inside the collectibles menu you can view all the car owned by you).
    This way you can obtain vehicles needed for destroying a set amount of enemy vehicles or vehicles needed for challenges involving Archangels. “Chicken Soup” challenge is an example of how to deal with some Archangels challenges.

    Races and convoys will greatly help with many challenges

    • Roadkiller - Defeat 10 Roadkill vehicles by any means
    • Up the Ante - Defeat 50 Roadkill vehicles by any means
    • Pup of War - Defeat 10 Scrotus vehicles by any means
    • Dog of War - Defeat 50 Scrotus vehicles by any means
    • Expeller - Defeat 5 Buzzard vehicles by any means
    • Banisher - Defeat 20 Buzzard vehicles by any means
    • Safe Sex - Defeat 6 vehicles by grinding
    • Ridin' Shotgun - Shoot 10 drivers with the Shotgun
    • Pit Stop - Pull 5 tires from moving vehicles using the Harpoon
    • Bang for the Buck - Destroy 15 vehicle mounted fuel tanks with the Shotgun
    • Here's the Big Chief - Defeat 3 Scrotus vehicles with a V8 engine installed
    • Thorn in your Side - Defeat 5 vehicles by T-boning
    • Nudge Nudge - Defeat 5 vehicles using the Side Ram
    • Where There's Thunder - Defeat 10 vehicles using the Thunderpoon

    “Pit Stop” requires a level 4 Harpoon so you need to upgrade the harpoon before trying this challenge.
    “Safe Sex”, Look at the “Keep it Clean” challenge.

    • Bullheaded - Defeat 12 vehicles going head to head while using Boost
    • Tire Popper - Shoot out 2 tires on a moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle
    • Point and Shoot - Shoot out 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle
    • Strangers on a Train - Maintain grinding contact for at least 5 seconds, 1 time

    “Bullheaded” counts unmoving vehicles so just ram head to head while using Boost. You will often meet people that need to fix their car, just make use of them.

    • Two can play that game - Defeat 3 enemy vehicles while driving a Skullbutts
    • Sparks will fly - Defeat a Sideblender or Metal Grinder while driving a Sideblender or Metal Grinder
    • My Little Friend - Defeat 3 vehicles while driving the Buggy
    • Scrotus Kebab - Defeat 1 Scrotus vehicle while driving a Prickles
    • Bug Eye Crush - Defeat 1 Buzzard vehicle while driving a Crusher
    • Offshoot - Without using a Wasteland Jump, achieve 2 seconds of air time while driving the Buggy, 3 times
    • Throw another on the Barbie - Defeat 5 vehicles using the flame pipe from a Fire Raider, Flamergamer or Charbone
    • Signed and Sealed - Destroy 1 vehicle using explosives from a Drop Kicker
    • Bug Killer - Defeat an enemy, either on foot or in a vehicle, by driving a Kaboom Bug and using its explosion
    • Kill Twitch - Shake 10 jumpers off the Magnum Opus without using a weapon
    • Morrison Effect - Defeat 3 vehicles in a storm while driving the Magnum Opus
    • Chicken Soup - Defeat 5 Rammerhead or Skullbutt vehicles by ramming head to head with the level 5 "Clawjaw Kill Grill"
    • In your Dreams - Defeat 3 Boarder vehicles with the Thunderpoon
    • Stick It To Ya - Kill 15 enemies using Boarder Spikes

    Skullbutts, Prickles, Crusher, Fire Raider or Flamergamer or Charbone, Drop Kicker, Rammerhead all of these vehicles can be obtainied winning races. You can play a race with a set of 2-4 cars given by the game, if you win the race the car will be added to your garage and freely to use. Unmoving vehicles encountered randomly will make easy target for some of these challenges.
    “Bug Killer” can be done in the race where you can choose a Kaboom Bug. Right at the start of the race press X on your DS4 e select continue and the challenge will be done.
    “Morrison Effect”, simply you need to destroy three enemy vehicles while in a storm but not necessarily in the same storm.
    “In your Dreams”, boarder vehicles are find in convoys especially in Gutgash's territory. They have enemies in the back who try to jump onto your car when you’re side to side to them.
    “Chicken Soup” can be done using Archangel “Jugger of Virtue". After obtaining a rammerhead through a race, you’ll find it inside your garage. Select the rammehead and you’ll find yourself out of the stronghold, let’s call for Chums with the right button and your vehicle will appear, in the garage menu built up Archangel “Jugger of Virtue" and destroy the rammerhead.
    “Stick It To Ya” can be done using a buzzard vehicle. Inside Gutgash's territory convoys have boarder vehicles. When enemies in the back try to jump onto your car sidestep a little bit and they will be impaled on your vehicle spikes.

    • Smite the Heathens - Destroy 15 Roadkill vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel
    • Smite the Wicked - Destroy 15 Scrotus vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel
    • Smite the Demons - Defeat 15 Buzzard vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel
    • Backdraft - Defeat 2 Fire Raiders while driving the "Sanguine Guardian" Archangel
    • Rule the Day - Shoot 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle, while driving the "Rule of War" Archangel
    • Angel Without Wings - Without using a Wasteland Jump, catch 3 seconds of air time while driving the "Lord Gravel" Archangel, 1 time
    • State of Efficiency - Defeat 2 vehicles within 5 seconds of each other while driving the "Kill Box" Archangel, 5 times
    • Let's be overly Specific - Defeat 1 vehicle in a storm while driving the "Aurelian the Ready" Archangel
    • Holy Rolling - Defeat 12 vehicles by ramming while driving the "Radiant Shadow" Archangel
    • Keep it Clean - Defeat 5 vehicles by grinding while driving the "Cardinal Grinder" Archangel
    • Gum Shoe - Defeat 1 vehicle from Stank Gum's battalion while driving the "Soul Sweeper" Archangel
    • Please Drive Faster - Maintain full cruising speed for 1.9 miles (3058m) while driving the "Righteous Spike" Archangel

    Fire Raiders can be obtainied winning a race.
    “Angel Without Wings”

    “State of Efficiency”, simply you need to do the specific race for "Kill Box" Archangel five times. Right at the start of the race destroy two vehicles with the Thunderpoon, do it five times and the challenge is your’s.
    “Keep it Clean”, the "Cardinal Grinder" Archangel make grinding pretty easy. You can make use of convoys or race. I highly suggest to achieve the “Safe sex” challenge too.
    “Gum Shoe”, Stank Gum's battalion can be found inside Deep Friah’s territory.
    “Please Drive Faster”
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