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The Greatest Battle Ever! trophy in Mega Man Legacy Collection

The Greatest Battle Ever!

Unmask Mr. X and complete Mega Man 6.

The Greatest Battle Ever!0
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How to unlock the The Greatest Battle Ever! trophy

  • ForcefulOliverForcefulOliver
    20 Feb 2018 20 Feb 2018
    Here is a list i made of the weaknesses of each boss including willy's castle.
    For willy's castle i only list the stage and the weapon required for the boss.

    Don't forget to abuse of the save feature everytime you get to a boss room or during the stage when you get to hard parts.

    1st boss that should be killed is Wind Man

    In this mega man to unlock the bird called BEAT you need to access the boss from a different, there are 4 stage that as 2 boss room, the regular one and the hidden boss room gives you the BEAT parts.

    boss/weakness weapon: (they are in the order you should fight them)
    1.Wind Man - Centaur Man(C.Flash)
    2.Flame Man - Wind Man(W.Storm)
    3.Blizzard Man - Flame Man(F.Blast)
    4.Plant Man - Blizzard Man(B.Attack)

    5.Tomahawk Man - Plant Man(Plant.B) BEAT B.Part - when you get to the point there is 2 different paths, 1 leading up with 2 walking turret and 1 lower path with shields, take the upper path for 1 room, there is a block you can break with POW, on the other side of it Proto Man will give you a gadget that now you dont need to switch weapon to fill it up when you find weapon energy. once you obtained this useful item backtrack and take the path with the shield to reach secret boss room. Use JET to fly over the shields and the holes.

    6.Yamato Man - Tomahawk Man(Silver.T) BEAT E.Part - When you get to the point you need to chose between 2 ladder, 1 leading up 1 leading down, use JET and take the upper one, it will lead you to the secret boss room.

    7.Knight Man - Yamato Man(Y.Spear) BEAT A.Part - Just before entering the boss room there will be a block you can break using POW, do so and you will get to the secret boss room.

    8.Centaur Man - Knight Man(Knight.C) BEAT T.Part - When you get to the point you see a huge gap between a boss room and a ladder going down, use JET to enter the boss room

    Mr.X Castle:
    1st stage: Plant.B If you can manage to break the glass that is cracked it is a shortcut that will bring you straight to the boss.
    2nd stage: Silver.T
    3rd stage: B.Attack
    4th stage: F.Blast

    Willy's Castle:
    1st stage: Y.Spear (Shoot the eyes)
    2nd stage: W.Storm
    3rd stage: Boss Rush (i highly recommend that you beat Yamato Man with the mega buster cause if you use Silver.T to beat him you won't have enough weapon energy to beat Willy with it.use E-Tanks if necessary, you should probably have 9 at this point, Yamato Man is in the top left cell)
    Final stage: Silver.T for the whole fight.
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