Don't Scare Jessica To Death trophy in Until Dawn

Don't Scare Jessica To Death

Jessica survived her night of terror

Don't Scare Jessica To Death0
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How to unlock the Don't Scare Jessica To Death trophy

  • Lucid_Dreams84Lucid_Dreams8459,146
    20 Aug 2015 24 Aug 2015
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    1. When Mike is chasing after her when she is grabbed through the window you must take the fastest path for each option. Never take the safe or slow rode. This will involve a lot of quick time events.

    2. When she wakes up in the mine you have two option you must do right. The first option you have to hide from the monster and the second you break through the boards to the right. If you try to run with either Jessica or Matt (if he is still alive) Jessica will die.
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  • Jord_j_95Jord_j_9591,447
    21 Jul 2017 28 Jul 2017
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    this video will help you get the Don't scare Jessica to Death trophy aswell as 3 others:

  • strifekunstrifekun162,029
    25 Sep 2016 25 Sep 2016
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    While Lucid_Deams84 solution isn't wrong, but it's incomplete.

    In my first playthrough I made Mike a total wimp. Suffice to say that anytime he and Jessica were together, he was a jerk to her or totally useless. So when I got the the chase scene where you run after Jess, she would die even without having her jaw ripped off.

    I did this several times to make sure I didn't mess up, so I ended up googling that if you played Mike wimpy, you couldn't get her to live.

    So in the first three chapters you have to play Mike as witty, courageous, and tough.

    Under the 'Be Her Hero' Butterfly (first row, fifth one) the effects should be:

    Mike Came to Jessica's Aid Immediately
    Jessica Appreciate Mike's Heroism
    Mike Continued to Impress Jessica

    If Jessica resists Mike's advances, that's okay.

    There's an optional cabin where you find a mask, you can show her or scare her. If you feel the need to pick up the mask, choose the show her option. Scaring her will make her fall into the river and dislike you. Of course you can choose to not pick up the mask and skip the cabin altogether.

    Then just follow Lucid_Deams84's solution and Jessica should live.

    As a side note, if Jessica is still alive after the chase scene, under the 'To The Rescue' butterfly (first row, last one), beside Mike successfully chased after Jessica, it'll be blank until the tenth chapter. If it fills in after Mike gets to Jessica, she's dead.
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