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Outcast in The Bridge
Bronze Trophy

Outcast39 (15)

Finish Mirrored Chapter II.

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To unlock the Outcast trophy in The Bridge, you will first have to complete the four main chapters of the game and unlock the "first" ending:

The BridgeBridgewalkerThe Bridgewalker trophy in The Bridge worth 33 pointsCross The Bridge.

You can either enter the Mirror World outside the house by the tree, or you can enter the Mirror World inside each of the Chapter corridors. You need to interact with the white wire frame box to switch between the Standard and Mirror Worlds.

Chapter II-I: Mirrored Vortex

Rotate 90 degrees with RT so that the Professor drops down to the right of the Menace and the key. Walk left towards the Menace and if the angle is right you should just about be able to pick up the key without touching the bottom Menace. You may need to tweak RT a bit to shake the key away from the Menace.

Shift another 90 degrees with RT so that the Professor is now standing on the original ceiling. Walk right so that you are roughly level with the starting position above you. Rotate with RT carefully so that you fall off just as the second Menace rolls up and away from the door -- it should just about miss the Professor's head. Tweak the rotation so that you are able to exit.

Chapter II-II: Mirrored Precipice

Wisp Available: You will see the wisp immediately on this level, on top of the arch to the Professor's right disguising itself as the candle flame. Getting up there is a little tricky though. You need to head to the right end of the path and very slightly rotate with RT while edging off the side of the world with the Professor. As soon as you start to fall you need to wrench the world around rapidly with LT so that the Professor "falls" to land on the underside of the level rather than falling away to his death. This will likely take a few tries. You should land directly underneath the platform you just fell from. You now need to repeat the same action with RT, falling off the underside of the same ledge to land behind on the brick "underside" of the world just beyond the vertical wall next to door I. Now you want to tip with RT so that Door I's arch is pointing right and the Wisp arch is directly beneath the Professor. Now it should just be a case of falling straight down carefully so that you interact with the Wisp. As soon as you have it, Rewind as far back as you need to in order to return safely to the main path and complete the level.

To complete the level: Rotate with LT a little so that the half-visible Menace on a chain is extended to the left, near the Professor's starting position. Open the doors in the order IV, III, V, which should all be clear of the Menace. (They won't "open" as such -- on a level like this each time you interact with a door it changes elements of the level from invisible/non-interactive to visible/interactive.) Now rotate with LT so that the Professor falls squarely onto the button on the far wall. This will drop the key, but it's currently non-interactive. Rotate with RT until Menace rolls to the right of Door III, resting under the arch. Open doors III, I (grab the key after opening I), II and IV. Now just rotate with LT until the Professor is back on the wall with the button, and walk left to the door.

Chapter II-III: Mirrored Lion

This is a pain. Everything needs to be positioned very very carefully to keep the Professor alive so this may take many many tweaks to get exactly right. Bear in mind that you start in the Veil so the Professor won't move when you rotate. Rotate with RT so that the bottom Menace is extended on its chain to the right, as far as it will go (it'll be in front of the door.) Walk right so that you exit the Veil -- leave a gap a little larger than the width of the Professor's head between the Professor and the Menace in front of the door.

Now Rotate with LT to cause the Professor to fall back through the Veil, but stop rotating as soon as you are in the Veil. Hopefully if everything is positioned correctly the Professor should fall up through the Veil before the door-side Menace rolls back, and he should also slip through underneath the other two Menaces to just about land on the wall above the lion's head on the far side of the Veil. (You may find you need to quickly tweak back a little or walk the Professor right on the far side of the Veil, to keep him from slipping straight off the short platform on the far side.) You should grab the key automatically when you get to that platform.

Now rotate the level with RT so that the Professor is back on the slide-side of the level, with the Lion pointing left. Now walk far enough into the Veil to activate it (careful of the nearby Menace). Rotate the level with LT so that the door-side Menace now rolls to its left, up the slide. The Menace nearest the Professor should be hanging directly upwards and the Lion should be facing the bottom of the screen.

Come out of the Veil to the left and then re-approach it but don't enter it. Get as close as you can. The next steps are to rotate with RT very slowly so that the Professor starts to tip into the Veil. As soon as the Professor is neck-deep in the Veil, give RT a firm press. Once the Veil activates, hold down LT for the duration of the fall. The idea here is that we're positioning the Professor to easily sail under the first Menace and then slip through the gap between the other two. You need to twist RT briefly to get the bottom two Menaces separated enough to make a gap; you need to slam LT as soon as possible in the Veil to stop the Professor slipping straight off the edge past the door when you get to the other side. This will almost certainly take a few tries to pull off, but once you understand the mechanics involved visually it should be obvious how you need to tweak your falling route. Exit the door when you can.

Chapter II-IV: Mirrored Pillars

In this puzzle and a few others, you will be controlling two Professors simultaneously. They move in tandem at all times, cannot touch each other (the penalty is death) and must reach keys and doors simultaneously in order for those objects to activate.

Luckily this first example is pretty easy. Just keep rotating with RT until both Professors can reach a key. (The Pillar with the white moon will be facing left, and the doors will be near the top of the screen, when both Professors can slide onto the keys. Don't move them manually; remember, every step a Professor takes also moves the other Professor, so generally speaking it's best to let them slide around).

Now rotate with LT until one Professor reaches the right-side door, while the other Professor slides down the pillar with the white moon. Tweak a little further with LT and the left-most Professor should fall off towards the door, while the right-most Professor is still in front of his door. Now you just need to shift the left Professor towards the door with small movements and tilts without letting the right Professor leave the front of his door, which should be pretty straight forward with small shifts of RT and small steps to the right.

Chapter II-V: Mirrored Mausoleum

The key here is to make sure the Professor goes nowhere near the central circle containing the Veil until Menace is on the button -- as soon as the Professor goes in that Veil, he can't escape it due to inner circle's walls. Start off by tipping slightly with RT so that Menace drops off to the right. Now guide Menace into the inner circle with the Veil using LT and RT to knock it around the short maze, at the end of which the Professor will likely be on the button. Now get the Professor into the outer circle carefully with LT and RT, without letting the Menace escape the inner circle -- don't let it gather too much momentum in there. An easy way to ensure this is to make sure that you allow the Professor to walk along any surfaces as soon as they are level enough for him to traverse; don't overdo it with LT and RT.

Once the Professor is in the outer Circle, you need to tip Menace back up to the button without the Professor going into the inner circle. By the time the Menace is on the top ceiling of the level above the button, the Professor should be standing on the ceiling directly above the inner circle. Now you need to rotate with RT firmly so that the Menace falls onto the button and the Professor falls straight down into the Veil in the inner circle. There's a door there; use it.

Chapter II-VI: Mirrored Memorial

Rotate with RT just enough so that the top Professor tips into the Vortex under the button. Rotate all the way around with LT until the other Professor can hit the button, dropping the first Professor out of the Vortex. You now need to get the bottom Professor to slide towards the key in the bottom left, nearest the statue, without the top Professor sliding off the button. With slight tweaks of LT it should be possible to only slide the bottom Professor (you may need to shift very slightly right with the top Professor once the bottom Professor is sliding, to keep Top on the button; as the bottom Professor is already falling moving the top Professor won't affect his path).

Reset the level so that the Top Professor is flat on the button; the bottom Professor should be right up against the statue on the left. Tilt slightly so that the Top Professor has a little climbing to do to slip off the edge of the button platform (the Bottom Professor should stay still on top of the key by the Statue. The idea here is that we're going to walk the Top Professor off the top platform so that he falls directly into the Vortex without having to walk; that way when he enters the Vortex he will connect with the key inside it while the Bottom Professor is still near his key, activating both.

Now you have one Professor in the Vortex and one outside of it again. Walk the available Professor back around to the button with LT. With the Vortex deactivated, you now want to tip the new Bottom Professor right with RT to get him to slide to the bottom right corner while the new Top Professor remains on the button. Once the Bottom Professor is clear of the Vortex and is standing directly above the right-side door, you just need to rotate the level 180 with RT so that the (now-Left) Professor is in front of the door. You are now safe to walk the now-Right Professor over to his door and press X when they are both in place (you may have to slightly walk back left to get them both in front of their doors.)

Here's a full guide to the chapter from Christopher Odd, all credit to them.

If you have completed the chapter successfully you will unlock the trophy.
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