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Mile High Club

Lick the Hanging Glider

Mile High Club+6.4
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Trophy Guide for Mile High Club

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    For this trophy load up Goatville and head sort of south east from your spawn point, if you look up in the sky in that direction you should see a big orange/yellow crane, head to it and climb the ladder to the top and then head but the dude sitting at the end of the platform by using cn_R2. I personally used the Angel Goat as it does have a floaty kind of jump to it i thought would help but you do not need this to get the trophy, it is entirely possible to do with the normal goat but if you want to try with the Angel Goat just start a new game and do not harm any human for 10mins and you should spawn as Angel Goat, some guides say 5mins, personally it took me 10.

    Now my first try was a fail as you can see in the video but just climb right back up there and try again and you will manage it even if it takes a couple of tries but a small hint i mention on the video is that if you press the touch pad button it switches on slow motion mode which i found made it much easier but i was extremely lucky as i really thought i did not make it and was going to have to go for a 3rd time lucky, but no i made it and as soon as you are on the hang glider hit the cn_S which is your tongue that acts like a lizards tongue with some super industrial glue of some sort and as soon as you do that enjoy your ride on the hang glider and your trophy that comes with it smile

    I must say i really am enjoying the trophies in this game, they are a lot of fun and really bring some laughter to your gaming so i hope these videos are helping you enjoy your experience with Goat Simulator and you are enjoying it as much as i am. I will keep bringing more videos for the trophies that have no solutions over the next few days smile

    Happy gaming all, good luck smile
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