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Horn of Plenty in God of War III Remastered
Silver Trophy

Horn of Plenty46 (30)

Collect all of the Minotaur Horns

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Trophy Guide for Horn of Plenty

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Minotaur Horns - Item Power Upgrades
20# in total

#1 ~ Location: "The Depths of Hades"

Leave the area where you acquired the Bow of Apollo and head past the
savepoint. You will see an area up ahead covered in vines - use the Bow's flameshot to burn them away and head inside to reveal a Chest with
Horn #1 inside.

#2 ~ Location: "The Three Judges"

In the area with the Pool and the Bronze Statue of a girl - complete the 3 Trials. Once the Judges open the way, head through the Portal and after defeating the Minotaurs in the narrow tunnel, immediately head right. Go through this portal to discover a Chest containing Horn #2.

#3 ~ Location: "The City of Olympia"

Once you pass Gaia, and open the large door by trial, you'll cross large gaps via Harpies. Once you have reached the right-hand part, wait a few seconds and move back left slightly - this reveals another Harpy who you can use to reach the higher ledge, and find a Chest with Horn #3 inside.
(You'll also find Gorgon Eye #5 here as well).

#4 ~ Location: "The City of Olympia"

After dealing with Helios, do NOT head through the big door that your new
item reveals to you. Instead, back up to the lower-right of the screen
and you'll see a shimmering 'gold dust cloud'. Use your new toy here to
reveal a Chest containing Horn #4.

#5 ~ Location: "The Caverns"

After the 2nd flying section, and after the swooping cutscene you will be in
The Caverns. Once you land and gain control, head to the lower right and you
will find a Chest with Horn #5 inside.

#6 ~ Location: "Grand Vestibule"

After the battle with the Armoured Cyclops, do NOT go through the door as
the cutscene suggests - instead, head left to find the Chest with Horn #6
in it, hiding in plain sight.

#7 ~ Location "The Forum"

After you learn more about the Cestus Gauntlets and break the Onyx, head back
to where you entered the level in the pool, and swim through the newly
unlocked area. When you surface, instead of heading up into the screen
simply jump back over the pool to find a Chest with Horn #7 inside.

#8 ~ Location: "Aphrodite's Chamber"

From the Savepoint, head up the purple stairs and go right. The Chest
containing Horn #8 in tucked away behind a pillar in this location.

#9 ~ Location: "Pit of Tartarus"

Proceed through the level, after a few level changes you'll come across a
small gap that you need to glide over. Upon landing, head right, the Chest
containing Horn #9 is tucked away in an alcove here.

#10 ~ Location: "Daedalus' Workshop"

Make sure that the Balista platform is at the lowest level.

Rotate the Balista so that it is aiming toward the Portal on the lower left
wall. Firing it into that Portal makes it reappear out of the upper left Portal, goes all the way into the Portal on the right, and finally back out
and through the bars into the wall above the 2 Chests on the upper left.
Follow it through, when you get to the upper right section with the bars use
Icarus Wings glide to get back onto the rope, follow it across and you'll end
up in front of the Chest with Horn #10 inside.

#11 ~ Location: "Daedalus' Workshop"

After firing the Balista at Zeus' Gate, slide down the pole in the ground that
appears. After letting go of the pole, head downwards and you'll find
the Chest with Horn #11 inside.

#12 ~ Location: "Olympus Gardens"

After you have used the Statue/Chalice to solve the staircase puzzle,
head right and open the gate. Go down the ladder and you'll see a small
pit in front of you. To the left will be a small opening - Icarus Glide
into this and you'll find a Chest with Horn #12 inside.

#13 ~ Location: "The Caverns (revisit)"

Once the cutscene with Daedulus ends, you are in a fight with some Armoured Cyclops - here is the Chest with Horn #13 inside [Trophy unlocks here].

#14 ~ Location: "The Caverns (revisit)"

After the water room, head to the exit on the right and you'll find yourself
having to use Helios' Head to traverse some wooden beams. Keep progressing through the level until you come across a wall you can run up - here, use the head to keep going right and you'll soon stumble upon a higher ledge that
has a Chest with Horn #14 inside.

#15 ~ Location: "Labyrinth"

This is easily missable. After the furnace room, cross the bridge and drop
down into the room. Note the 2 ice switches on the left side. On the right
is a small block - drag this over so it's just to the right of the 1st
switch - use the Boreas and the room will rotate slightly. When this happens
the block should be right up against the far right wall - this allows you to
jump on it, then jump to the ledge above your right, then jump across the gap
to your left, and finally be able to glide to the opposite side of the room
with the Chest sitting on the ledge that contains Horn #15 in.

#16 ~ Location: "Heart of the Labyrinth"

Once you free Pandora from the Water Cube puzzle, head left and use Helios'
Head to reveal the Chest that contains Horn #16.

#17 ~ Location: "Top of the Labyrinth"

Easily missable.

From the Savepoint, face Pandora but DO NOT head over the little bridge as
this initiates a cutscene and takes you out of this area.
Instead, Icarus Glide to the cube to Krato's right, and do this again to the
next cube that is below him - you should see the gold dust cloud to the left of this cube, using Helios's Head reveals a Chest with Horn #17 inside.

#18 ~ Location: "The Three Judges" (revisit)

From the Savepoint, stand on the floor switch and head right to the Portal that you can now access. Once on the other side, head right, jump the gap and head right then up toward the small tunnel. Use Helios' Head on the gold dust cloud that is on the left of the exit to reveal a Chest with Horn #18 inside.

#19 ~ Location: "The Three Judges" (revisit)

From #18, goto the opposite side of the tunnel entrance and enter the Portal.
On the other side is a Chest with Horn #19 inside.

#20 ~ Location: "Top of the Labyrinth" (revisit)

From the Savepoint, look at the grapple point but do NOT use it. Head down
and Icarus Glide over to that cube, then head left. Towards the top side
of this cube is the familar dust - use Helios' Head to reveal the
Chest containing Horn #20.
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