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Blunt Trauma

Perform every type of predator takedown.

Blunt Trauma0
04 February 2017 - 1 guide

Trophy Guide for Blunt Trauma

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    To earn this trophy you must perform each type of predator takedown at least once while playing the game.
    You can access the list of all takedowns in game by going to your upgrade menu and then looking through your moves list in the centre of the upgrades categories.

    These are the takedowns you must do:
    Inverted Takedown
    Ceiling Takedown
    Fear Multi-Takedown
    Vent Takedown
    Environment Takedown
    Silent Takedown
    Knockout Smash
    Smoke Pellet Takedown
    Window Takedown
    Glide Kick
    Takedown From Above
    Drop Attack
    Line Launcher Takedown
    Wooden Wall Takedown
    Corner Takedown
    Perched Takedown
    Floor Grate Takedown
    Ledge Takedown
    Grappel Boost Takedown
    Ceiling Grate Takedown (From Above)
    Ceiling Grate Takedown (From Below)

    I personally just waited until around the end of the game and looked at the list to see whatever ones I knew I definitely hadn't done yet. I did the line launcher takedown and the trophy instantly popped. So you never know, you may just be one or two away from completing this through casual gameplay. Worst case scenario is you don't know what you have and haven't completed so just start at the beginning of the list and work your way through it.

    Here is a video by PowerPyx showing each takedown and how to do each of them
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