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Turning up the Heat

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Turning up the Heat

Why wasn't this standard issue? trophy in HELLDIVERS

Why wasn't this standard issue?

Fully upgrade all non DLC Weapons and Stratagems.

Why wasn't this standard issue?0
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How to unlock the Why wasn't this standard issue? trophy

  • Harris59Harris591,058,821
    17 Mar 2016 13 Mar 2016 05 Jan 2017
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    As Rockin_Gamer752 has mentioned in his solution you'll need 180 research points which equates to finding 1800 samples during missions.

    Samples can be found in all types of missions and appear as a bright yellow object to pick up. You can see these on the map by bringing along and using a UAV during the mission.

    Each mission will have a set amount of samples, increasing the higher the difficulty level. I recommend only playing difficulty 6 or higher (preferably 12) and avoiding Snow planets as they hinder your movement speed and thus overall farming speed. While lower level planets are easier, every mission has a shuttle extraction timer at the end which means that although they're faster to beat all objectives in they're not that much faster overall than higher level missions yet contain significantly less samples.

    The key to farming samples quickly is finishing missions quickly once you've found them all, because of this you will want the Cardio perk to increase movement speed and you'll want to fail as many objectives as possible while ignoring most enemies, although this will be at the cost of extra influence and bonus XP. Be sure to check which objectives you can fail before starting the mission so you can pick one that's quick to complete. Black Box missions can be failed by falling of a cliff while carrying it, Escorts can be killed and objectives you need to defend can be destroyed by yourself or you can just leave them to the enemies while you continue to look for samples. Also be sure to bring a Shredder in missions that would require a Hellbomb as they're quicker and don't require defending.

    One more important note is to look out for Capital Defend events, whilst you'll need to participate in one for another trophy they're also great for samples as a level 12 defence nets you 22 Samples per mission instead of the usual 17 for a level 12 mission , they're also much denser and easier to find as well as being shorter missions most of the time due to their layouts. These will only be available for limited periods of time so really make the most of the opportunity.
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  • Rockin_Gamer752Rockin_Gamer75220,426
    08 Mar 2016 14 Mar 2016
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    Here's a list of all of the weapons and stratagems included in the base game, and their cost to fully upgrade in Research Points (RP). You earn 1 RP for every 10 Samples you pick up during missions. If you have the UAV Stratagem (DLC) I recommend fully upgrading that first, as it will highlight samples on your map when it's active. If you don't have access to anything below in-game, you may not be a high enough level (for weapons), or may not have unlocked them from completing missions (for stratagems). Good luck!

    (4) P-2 Peacemaker
    (4) AR-19 Liberator
    (3) SG-255 Breaker
    (3) SMG-45 Defender
    (6) LAS-5 Scythe
    (3) AR-22C Patriot
    (4) RX-1 Rail Gun
    (4) SG-8 Punisher
    (6) AR-20L Justice
    (3) MP-98 'Knight' SMG
    (3) AC-3 Arc Thrower
    (4) DBS- 2 'Double Freedom'
    *(16) LAS-13 Trident
    47 Total
    *63 Total

    (3) MG-94 Machine Gun
    (3) Resupply
    (4) 'Vindicator' Bunker Buster Bomb
    (5) NUX-223 Hellbomb
    (3) Reinforce
    (2) A/MG-II Minigun Turret
    (4) FLAM-40 Incinerator
    (5) RL-112 Recoilless Rifle
    (3) Airdropped Anti-Personnel Mines
    (3) Distractor Beacon
    (2) Strafing Run
    (2) EAT-17
    (5) EXO-44 Walker Exosuit
    (4) LIFT-850 Jump Pack
    (5) M5 APC
    (5) Obliterator Grenade Launcher
    (4) REP-80
    (4) Resupply Pack
    (4) A/RX-34 Railcannon Turret
    (3) Airdropped Stun Mines
    (4) Airstrike
    (3) 'Hellfire' Incendiary Bombs
    (2) Static Field Conductors
    (4) Triple 'Thunderer' Barrage
    (3) LAS-98 Laser Cannon
    (4) SH-20 Shield Generator Pack
    (5) Orbital Laser Strike
    (5) Railcannon Strike
    (5) M5-32 HAV
    (4) A/AC-6 Tesla Tower
    (5) 'Shredder' Missile Strike
    117 Total

    164 Total RP = 1640 Total Samples required
    *180 Total RP = 1800 Total Samples required

    *Updated for the addition of the LAS-13 Trident added on March, 3rd 2016 as a free weapon for all. Apparently because this was added as a patch, and not DLC, it counts as a requirement for the trophy. Thanks to Guardian_owl for bringing this to my attention in the comments!

    If you notice any errors or have any problems with this solution, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to address it as soon as I can. Thanks!
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    Rockin_Gamer752Yep, it looks like other people are finding this to be the case too. I updated the solution. Thanks for the heads-up!
    Posted by Rockin_Gamer752 on 14 Mar 16 at 07:20
    Guardian_owlLAS-13 Trident laser shotgun was added to the game in March and is now confirmed by me to be a requirement for this trophy. I upgraded every other non-DLC stratagem / weapon and the trophy did not pop. So that adds 16 extra points for the trophy.
    Trophy popped once I finished upgrading the Trident
    Posted by Guardian_owl on 14 Mar 16 at 14:28
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