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Impersonal Trainer

[Training] Dealt a total of 100,000 Damage.

Impersonal Trainer0
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Trophy Guide for Impersonal Trainer

  • ExsphereBrawlerExsphereBrawler408,930
    15 Feb 2016 15 Feb 2016
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    If you want to knock this out quickly, go in to training mode and play as Unlimited Hakumen. Once it begins, press pause and go to the third set of parameters titled "Basic Parameters 2" and set "Counter Hit" to "Force Counter Hit" and "Negative Penalty" to "Always Active". Now, do half circle back + forward + C (cn_O on default controls) and charge the distortion fully. It should do 6,000 damage per slash if you're next to the opponent. Should take less than 5 minutes if done correctly.
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