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The Consequence

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The Consequence

Becoming an Agent trophy in The Evil Within

Becoming an Agent

Collect all Personnel Files in The Consequence.

Becoming an Agent0
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How to unlock the Becoming an Agent trophy

  • Thomas-RuthThomas-Ruth
    21 Apr 2015 21 Apr 2015
    There are:
    - 8 Letter Scraps
    - 8 Research Docs
    - 3 Personal Files

    Chapter 3

    Letter Scrap 1 - Leave the room you begin in. Head back after the transformation and the safe will be on the desk. The combination is on the wall between the door and the bed (Remember to shine your magic torch).

    Research Doc 1 (#154) - In the room with the red light, where the man talks to you from.

    Research Doc 2 (#120) - In Rubin/Ruvic's lab. On a table ahead of the door you come in.

    Letter Scrap 2 - After you find a new torch you'll head into the dissection room. The safe is on the left. Turn the dials to fit the blood splatters.

    Research Doc 3 (#209) - After you pass through the giant bank vault-looking door with the pattern puzzle combination, it's on a table on the left.

    Letter Scrap 3 - In the Police Station, after the first ghostly flashback of younger Sebastian. Leave Seb's office and turn right. The safe is in the first room on the left. The combination can be seen in the interrogation room through the two-way mirror.

    Personal File 1 (#31) - On a table in Seb's office during the third ghostly flashback. It's to the left of the door into the next area.

    Research Doc 4 (#133) - After exiting the Police Station, walking over the unstable scaffolding and beyond where an enemy's just begging you to push him to the concrete death below, there is a metal box on the right of the path with the tape atop it.

    Personal File 2 (#26) - After you've walked over a hotel sign into a building with a reception area, it has been impaled to the left of the doorframe (poor thing).

    Letter Scrap 4 - In the next room beside the "John's Coffee" poster is the safe. All the buttons must be illuminated in only 5 moves. Safe to say it's tricky.

    Chapter 4

    Research Doc 5 (#31) - After the lift falls (Seb's fault), you'll drop down into a room. On the desk to the right of the door out is the tape.

    Letter Scrap 5 - After burning Ruvic's portrait in the dining area, use the torch magic to reveal a door from the logo straight ahead down the hall. Make sure you don't drop down otherwise you may be scubbered. The combinations for the safe are: on the wall directly in front of you when you enter, on the painting to the left, and in the room to the right on the back wall (it's blocked a little). The safe is round the corner in the room.

    Research Doc 6 (#232) - After dropping down from the hotel into the basement area, it's on an end table to the left of the save couch with the bow-tied kitty cat.

    Letter Scrap 6 - After saving Leslie (when he gives you a gun), open the dumbwaiter to the left of the door he runs through. The lights must be lit up in 6 moves.

    Research Doc 7 (#188) - After passing through the security room in Beacon Hospital, head up the maintenance elevator. After you've learned the source of Leslie's condition, head down the corridor and the tape is on a table directly in your path.

    Letter Scrap 7 - You'll revisit the Sadist's lair, that place you hung out as Sebastian in the main game. In the area with the phonograph, get your smash on and starting heeling away at the boxes (incidentally, how cool was Kidman's chin kick with her heel at the beginning of The Assignment - my almost-kill of the year). The safe is in the weapon room behind the white sheet. The button combination is behind yet more boxes behind the shelves in the phonograph room.

    Personal File 3 (#4) - To the right of the helpful kitkat and his comfy couch at the top of the escalator you and the scary boss-man ascended in The Assignment.

    Letter Scrap 8 - As soon as you leave the Mobius facility and enter into Beacon Hospital courtyard, hang a right and check out the corner of this small area. Match up the blood on the dials and reap your reward.

    Research Doc 8 (#264) - Before heading into the hallway with the elevator at the end (where the three policemen were Ruvik'd in the main game), take the door to the right and check out the desk at the back.
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