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Aerodynamics in Titan Souls
Gold Trophy

Aerodynamics436 (90)

Beat the game in under 20 minutes

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Trophy Guide for Aerodynamics

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Trophy won on 09 Jan 17
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Posted on 10 January 17 at 06:46
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There's a decent amount of leeway with this trophy but it's ideal not to die. I finished this in 17m on Hard Iron Mode, whilst I had no deaths some bosses took a little longer due to hard mode I'll share my route and strategy for this and I'll also submit this to the Hard Iron Mode trophy as well.

Firstly we have the first section of the game, obviously throughout the playthrough you'll want to be running. The first 4 bosses must be killed to progress and after that you only need to take down 7 bosses to pass the second gate.

There's a small timesave trick that works after most bosses, once the saving icon disappears exit the game, when you load it back up the boss is defeated but you'll be back at the checkpoint saving the soul animation time as well as some walking time depending on the boss.

Slime, the first boss is very simple and there isn't really any special strategies to deal with it. Shoot your arrow at whichever slime has the heart in it, try to keep the slides together and run them in a circle until the heart is exposed then kill the heart.

Brain, When you start the fight stand still at the start so he targets you at the entrance and dodge, he'll bounce once to button at the top leaving him open for a shot through the fire, pull your arrow back and wait for the brain to land and shoot.

Eyecube, Shoot your arrow to start the fight and let it roll at you twice, now immediately pull back the arrow and he will die on the square above you.

First Guardian, After you fire your arrow at him dodge backwards out the entrance and line your arrow in the middle of the room by pulling it back. Walk around the outside to the top and pull back your arrow as he switches hands.

Now you're going to head through the first gate and up the elevator, from here is where your route matter as previously you only needed to beat the bosses fairly quickly. My preferred route is clockwise because you don't really need to do anything inside the ice area except walk through it on the way back as it's quicker than going back on yourself.

Firstly you want to head up and to the right towards the forest, there's 2 bosses here and you'll be fighting both, there's a faster boss you could fight instead of the vine boss (Yeti) but this boss is easier and more reliable especially on Hard if you choose to do this in your Hard playthrough.

To get to the Vine boss go Right, Left, Up.

Vine, The vine boss is a simple boss especially when you don't need the trophy for it, just stick towards the edge where you cannot be hit and wait for its mouth to open and shoot at it, pull your arrow back to open the plant and immediately shoot the same spot and it'll hit the opening you created.

To get to the Mushroom boss go Left, Up, Up

Mushroom, This is a joke once you know how, shoot your arrow at the boss to activate it and leave it there, after he jumps and is about to land pull your arrow and it will die immediately, job done.

Now head downwards, once you've gone down to where the Chest and Knight bosses are hit the checkpoint and backtrack a little, you'll see why soon. Go down the stairs and follow the path to the graveyard, DO NOT ACTIVATE THIS CHECKPOINT! Firstly go for the Mask boss

Mask, activate the boss and shoot your arrow at the entrance, avoid his very simple attacks as he circles the arena until he is at the entrance, pull back your arrow and it will kill him.

'Secret Boss', move right from the mask entrance and go up, you'll see a patch of ground here near a wall, this is a pathway, follow it then move up some hidden steps, follow this path to a 'boss', this takes a lot of walking but there's no fight, just climb the 'boss' and shoot it. Once the game saves, quit and reload, you'll now be at the checkpoint you activated earlier saving the long walk and the main reason people think this route isn't viable!

Chest, now it's time to take on the chest, this boss is very easy and has a simple pattern, he'll disappear and reappear to bite you, just dodge away from it once he reappears, he'll then follow you slamming twice (can be avoided just by walking away), immediately after that he will try to shoot a coin at you, this is when you shoot at his mouth. You can aim right after the second slam.

Now make your way left towards the lava section of the game, there's 2 bosses to fight here before you make your way to the end. Firstly you'll want to fight the boss on the left side of the lava area, this is the rolling boss, another very quick one.

Rolling Eye, simply activate the boss and pull back your arrow immediately and move to the entrance wall, aim your arrow up and wait for him to start rolling, let go just before he's about to hit you, his weak spot appears right at your feet.

Now we're going to want to head to the boss on the right, the skull with spiked balls.

Skull, Simply activate the boss, now move downwards as he strikes with his left, now slowly (walking) take a wide circle counter clockwise until you get to around the 12 o'clock position, he will start spinning and if you stand still here you'll be stuck behind him while he spins but he can't hit you, once he stops (at the left corner usually) step back a couple of steps and shoot (the hitbox messes up while you're that close).

That's all the bosses you'll need now, climb back up but don't exit where you came from, take the left exit and go through the snow area, I believe this is slightly faster although I cannot confirm (you can take the same way back if you'd like, it's probably not that different) and go through the second gate, just keep following the path until you fight the second guardian

Second Guardian, This fight seems annoying until you see the pattern, start either side and stand on a button, dodge as the fist comes to you so it hits the button and go to the other side, don't step on the button yet as a laser will strike the buttons on the second fist attack, just dodge the fist anywhere, now get on the button and do the same thing as you did the other side. Now, the weak spot will open but you'll be hit by fists 3 times and a big laser will come from the weak point, dodge the first 2 trying to land on a side (not the middle) then shoot your arrow at the weak spot before the third fist, this gives you more chance to hit the weak spot in time and if you don't miss the third first won't even touch you.

Keep following the path.

The Soul, Shoot the soul and back out of the game and reload it (skips the animation, not sure if the timer still counts this part anyway but it's annoying to watch regardless. Now you'll shoot at the boss to activate it. There's a pattern you can repeat that appears to work most of the time, once activated move down to the left, prepare your arrow and fire it as the enemy fires his to block it, pull back your arrow and run up to the top area and aim your arrow to the right, the AI thinks your moving right and will shoot ahead of you, then will proceed to dash upwards, right where you're already aiming, let go and you'll hit him.

This route got me 17 minutes on Hard Iron Man but I can see it being faster on Normal, I also took longer on the Vine boss as I went through 3 cycles and I accidentally activated the Graveyard checkpoint which wasted more time. I can see a time of under 15 minutes being very easily achieved this way giving you 5+ minutes of room for errors!
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