BlueGrass Is Still the Best trophy in Tower of Guns (PS3)

BlueGrass Is Still the Best

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How to unlock the BlueGrass Is Still the Best trophy

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    Bluegrass (Triple jump) is unlocked from the start.

    Lift ticket (No fall damage) is unlocked from the start.

    Fireforce (No environmental damage) unlocks when you complete the level "The Foundry". As environments are random in the game, you'll have to wait for this one to appear in order to complete it. The first level will always be "The Foyer", and the fifht level will always be "The Sanctum". The other ones rotate between Gearworks, Battlements, Logistics, Warehouse and Foundry.

    TooYoungToDie (Lower difficulty, higher stats) requires you to receive 5000 damage points. A basic health bar is 400 points, so you'll unlock this after a few runs without even trying.

    Junkman (Loot never vanishes) requires you to pick up 450 loot items in one life. That means every possible item. Coins, health, XP, energy, gun mods, usable items, badges... you'll probably unlock this on your first run without much effort.

    Major Moose (No self damage) requires you to receive a 100 HP hit and survive.
    This is how I did it: started a game with the 609mm Handcannon and the Tunnel Rat perk, and played normally. When I killed the first boss and picked up all the loot, I was with full health and gun at level 3 or 4. Just aim at the floor and shoot to hurt yourself. Then, finish the level.

    Tunnel Rat (More speed, less armor) requires you to fire 2999 shots. You'll spend basically all your time on the game shooting, so this will unlock soon. You can use Egon's Pride as your weapon of choice to speed up the process.

    Taco terror (Weapon level 6) requires you to level up your weapons 70 times. Max weapon level is 5, but you can drop a level if damaged and then level up again. Leave this perk for last, and it will come naturally.
    If you still need some level ups, start a game with 609mm Handcannon and TooYoungToDie perk (increases weapon XP), and every time that your gun reachs level 2, shoot the floor to damage yourself, and level up again.

    Lifeline (More health) requires you to pick up 5 health upgrades in a single life. You'll always get a health pickup at the end of levels 1 and 2. That's 2 sure ones. Then, you can expect to get the rest of them as random pickups, on secret areas or buy them in the capsules.
    There are a few ways to get more health upgrades:
    - If you play in endless mode, the game will start over again after completing level 5 (or 6 if you go for the überwin, but I don't reccomend it for this), so that will grant you other 2 health pickups at the end of the first 2 levels of the second playthrough. Use TooYoungToDie perk to make this easier.
    - In your 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 100th run, you'll start in a level called CakeTown, where you'll find a few items to pick. Almost everytime, you'll find one or two health upgrades.
    - If you don't kill a single hugbot in a run, there's a chance that, when you finish a level, you'll spawn in a secret area named Hugbot Alley, full of hugbots that will drop a good bunch of items, health upgrades included, when killed.

    Grease Pit (More luck): This is the GLITCHED one.
    For when it's available, you can use the same methods as the previous one: play endless mode, use the "special" runs with CakeTown and the beggining, and don't kill Hugbots so you have a chance to access the secret area. Also, CakeTown at the beginning of runs 50 and 100 has loads of items, so, if you still haven't done those runs, you can use them when this is patched.

    Nightmare (Hard mode) requires you to finish the game in normal mode. You don't need to kill The Maw and get the Überwin, so, at the end of level 5, after destroying the Gumball Machine, pick the first elevator and this will unlock.
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