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Did It All trophy in Borderlands 2

Did It All

Complete all side missions.

Did It All0
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How to unlock the Did It All trophy

  • Joshua-the-PureJoshua-the-Pure
    10 Nov 2016 04 Nov 2016 04 Nov 2016
    This guide was made by RadiantViper on trueachievements, so all credit to him/her for making this.

    Spoiler warning! This list contains characters and quests which may be considered spoilers.

    This is a list of all the side quests in the game. I have organized them by the quest giver, but I did this by memory so some of them may be a bit off. If you have any corrections, let me know.

    Most side quests are marked by a yellow exclamation point on your map and mini-map, allowing you to easily find where to start the quest.

    All quests must be done on a single difficulty mode - either Normal or True Vault Hunter. Completing half of them on one difficulty, then the other half on the other will not get you the achievement. As far as I know, you also have to do them on one character.

    To my knowledge, none of the quests are missable. If quests are failed, they can be retried by going back to the quest giver. If quests are blocked, it means the quest giver is indisposed due to story reasons, simply continue (or complete) the story and you can finish them.

    As far as I know, the "Creature Slaughter" missions are not needed for this achievement since they are pre-order DLC.

    Finally, please note that you will have to advance the main story to get more of these quests. If the quest giver isn't giving you the quest, you just have to keep going until it's available.

    Note for glitchy quests: Some quests in the game are known to glitch out for various reasons. Some of the glitchier quests include "Mighty Morphin", "Medical Mystery", and "Get To Know Jack". The only solution I can suggest is to do those quests from the start in someone else's game. If anyone knows any solutions for glitchy quests, please let me know.

    Southern Shelf

    - Note: Hammerlock later moves to Sanctuary
    This Town Ain't Big Enough
    Bad Hair Day
    Shielded Favors

    Handsome Jack Here!
    - Pick up the ECHO just west of the exit out of Liar's Berg

    Sanctuary Bounty Board

    Assassinate the Assassins
    The Good, The Bad, And The Mordecai
    Clan War: Starting the War
    - Leads to "Clan War: First Place"
    Demon Hunter
    - Note: Available after completing all "Animal Rescue" missions (and advancing the main story enough)

    The Name Game
    Mighty Morphin'
    Perfectly Peaceful

    Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons!
    Rock, Paper, Genocide: Shock Weapons!
    Rock, Paper, Genocide: Corrosive Weapons!
    Rock, Paper, Genocide: Slag Weapons!
    Safe and Sound
    The Chosen One

    Claptrap's Secret Stash
    Claptrap's Birthday Bash!

    Dr. Zed
    Do No Harm
    Medical Mystery
    - Leads to "Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate"
    Monster Mash (Part 1)
    Monster Mash (Part 2)
    Monster Mash (Part 3)

    Cult Following: Eternal Flame
    - Leads to "Cult Following: False Idols"
    In Memoriam
    Mine, All Mine
    - Leads to "The Pretty Good Train Robbery"
    Home Movies

    Splinter Group
    Hidden Journals
    Torture Chairs
    Doctor's Orders
    You. Will. Die. (Seriously)
    - Note: You can only gain this mission after completing the final story mission. Please see the achievement for completing this mission for details on how to beat it
    Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Secret Achievement
    The Secret Achievement achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) worth 49 points
    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Animal Rights
    Rakkaholics Anonymous
    Bearer of Bad News
    This Just In

    The Cold Shoulder
    Swallowed Whole
    The Overlooked: Medicine Man
    - Leads to "The Overlooked: Shields Up"
    Poetic License

    Rocko's Modern Strife
    Capture the Flags

    Hell Hath No Fury

    Won't Get Fooled Again
    - Started by talking to Marshall Friedman by Justin MacReady's corpse
    The Bane
    - Started by examining the ECHO by the corpse outside of Moxxi's
    - Started by talking to the group of 4 thugs in front of Scooter's garage

    Three Horns - Divide
    Happy Pig Bounty Board

    - Note: "No Vacancy" must be completed to activate bounty board
    Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Skags
    The Ice Man Cometh

    Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate
    - Started by examing Doc Mercy's corpse after "Medical Mystery"
    No Vacancy
    - Started by examining the ECHO on the wall at the Happy Pig Motel

    Frostburn Canyon
    Incinerator Clayton

    Cult Following: False Idols
    Cult Following: Lighting the Match
    Cult Following: The Enkindling

    The Dust

    Positive Self Image
    Clan War: First Place
    Clan War: Reach the Dead Drop
    Clan War: End of the Rainbow
    Clan War: Trailer Trashing
    Clan War: Wakey Wakey
    Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks
    - Note: You actually get these quests from multiple sources, I believe some in the Dust and some in Highlands - Overlook. If anyone knows specific spots for these, let me know.

    Too Close For Missiles

    Bloodshot Stronghold

    Out of Body Experience
    - Started by examining the AI core from the Hyperion robot who destroy himself

    Tundra Express
    Tiny Tina

    You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep
    You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP
    You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party
    The Pretty Good Train Robbery

    No Hard Feelings
    - Started by examining an ECHO dropped by a bandit after you kill him

    The Fridge

    Note for Self-Person
    - Started by killing a Goliath in the main area, he drops an ECHO that starts this quest

    Fink's Slaughterhouse
    - Note: Access this area by fast traveling to the fridge, the entrance is right across from the fast travel station

    Bandit Slaughter: Round 1
    Bandit Slaughter: Round 2
    Bandit Slaughter: Round 3
    Bandit Slaughter: Round 4
    Bandit Slaughter: Round 5

    The Highlands
    Overlook Bounty Board

    Arms Dealing
    Stalker of Stalkers
    The Overlooked: Shields Up
    The Overlooked: This Is Only A Test
    Hyperion Contract #873

    Best Mother's Day Ever
    - Started by finding the Mother's Day present, has a chance to drop from killing a stalker in The Highlands (both the main area and Outwash)

    Caustic Caverns
    Minecart Mischief
    - Find the ECHO (marked by a yellow exclamation point on the map) to start this quest

    Thousand Cuts
    Face McShooty
    Shoot This Guy in the Face
    - Note: Also unlocks an achievement

    Defend Slab Tower

    Lynchwood Bounty Board
    3:10 to Kaboom
    Breaking the Bank

    Animal Rescue: Medicine
    Animal Rescue: Food
    Animal Rescue: Shelter

    Opportunity Bounty Board

    Written By The Victor
    - Start this by pressing the button near the "history" area of Opportunity, marked by a yellow exclamation point on your map

    Eridium Blight
    Jack Bounty Statue
    Customer Service
    To Grandmother's House We Go
    Kill Yourself

    - Note: Mal is located on the southern edge of the map, by the travel point for Ore Chasm
    A Real Boy: Clothes Make the Man
    A Real Boy: Face Time
    A Real Boy: Human

    Ore Chasm
    - Note: You can access Ore Chasm from Eridium Blight, the travel point is on the south side of the map
    InnuendoBot 5000
    Hyperion Slaughter: Round 1
    Hyperion Slaughter: Round 2
    Hyperion Slaughter: Round 3
    Hyperion Slaughter: Round 4
    Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5

    Sawtooth Cauldron
    The Great Escape

    The Lost Treasure
    - Started by picking up an ECHO inside a box (marked by a yellow exclamation point on your map)

    Arid Nexus - Badlands
    Fyrestone Bounty Board
    Uncle Teddy
    Get To Know Jack

    Hungry Like The Skag
    - Kill skags in this area until one drops an ECHO recording that will start this quest
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