Hacker trophy in Axiom Verge


Glitch every enemy type at least once.

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How to unlock the Hacker trophy

  • ExtremePhobiaExtremePhobia172,441
    12 May 2015 12 May 2015
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    This is very possibly the most difficult trophy in the game, simply because it's hard to keep track of what you need to kill. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to keep track right now, and no list detailing exactly how many enemies there are. I've got some tips and things to keep in mind that may help, however.

    1) There's one missable enemy in the game, make sure you get it. During the Ukhu boss fight (the giant wasp), the boss will release small bugs from time to time. These must be hacked. Seeing as how that's the easiest way to kill that particular boss anyway, that shouldn't be a problem. (Note: technically the drones during the final Boss Fight are "missable" but barring voodoo magic, it's not possible to actually save after the Boss Fight).

    Shadow_PSN has a great solution for this boss fight:
    Axiom VergeUkhuThe Ukhu trophy in Axiom Verge worth 22 pointsDefeat the Ukhu variant.

    2) At this time, it doesn't look like this carries across multiple saves. This seems like it will have to be done in one save.

    3) Unfortunately, the game doesn't save after finishing the game, so *in theory*, the drones in the final fight would HAVE to be the last thing you glitch. There's a work around, however, which is really useful since the boss is so far out of the way.

    If you go in to fight Athetos, you can glitch the drones (also make sure to fill in this section of the map). Instead of finishing the fight, quit to the main menu AND SAVE after glitching them. This will save the game and return you to the checkpoint outside while retaining a record of you glitching this enemy.

    Why is this important? Well, say you are missing one thing and you don't know what it is. You don't have to wander around the entire map, glitching everything you see, and then return to the final boss to glitch the drones and get the trophy. Instead, you don't have to return up there. Once you find and glitch that last enemy, you'll immediately get the trophy.

    4) Different colors and forms of enemies count. If there is a blue and a red version of the same enemy, make sure you glitch both of them.

    5) Some enemies can't be glitched easily. For instance, certain enemies aren't phased by the basic disruptor, but you can glitch them by going back later with the upgrade disruptor. One enemy in particular, the golden floating enemies in the temple area, can't actually be glitched by the disruptor at all and need to be hit with an Address Bomb. Make sure you go back to the beginning areas.

    List of enemies to keep in mind:
    - There's a 5x2 tall area of Edin where you need to hop on steam jets to get up top. In this area are several green bags hanging from the ceiling. These actually count as enemies. Make sure to glitch them.
    - Make sure to get the birds in the same area.
    - There's a green worm that explodes and releases a swarm of bugs if you get close. You need to glitch the worm AND the swarm, which means you need to not glitch a worm at some point.
    - Glitch the metal walker in Ukkin-Na that you can stand on to get above.
    - None of the unique enemies in your hallucination count, though any normal enemies (such as the twin gun hovering robot) DO count.
    - There's a unique type of those trailblazing enemies that hide in walls and then shoot back and forth when you get in front of them that appears in the NW most part of Eribu behind a password wall (IKKIBU-LABIRU) that creates a path of light behind it when glitched. There are three variants in total.
    - There are at least two different colors of the floating donuts, though it's hard to tell because the colors are so close (one is pink, one is purple). Make sure to get both.
    - There are quite a few of those pipe creatures. These come out of pipes in the floor or ceiling and move in an arch to another similar one. Make sure to hit all of these, including the unique type found at the bottom of the pyramid just before the room with the Red Coat.
    - The floating balls of light can also be glitched.
    - Make sure to revisit old areas and glitch the light pole creatures that block your path.
    - Use an Address Bomb on the gold flying saucers in the pyramid.

    In the end, you'll likely just have to go from room to room throughout the entire world glitching everything you can see. Eventually this will pop.
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