TrueTrophies Moderation Team

Gamer Score Logged In Position
Beanpottter Beanpottter 3,955
DaveKinetic DaveKineticNearly bought a PS3 today. Took all of my will power to say no. Think the mrs would have knocked me 2,119
dropK1CK_ninJA dropK1CK_ninJAMaybe I should restart a tag and get 100% now! Haha 46
GAMERJET GAMERJETIt only took almost 10 years, but I finally got the Eat Lead Platinum 479,394
HitmanOllie HitmanOllie 32
TrueTrophy TrueTrophyDecade leaderboards are a first for any site I believe :) 6,045
WebChimp WebChimphello! 31
AlanP AlanPTrophies! 8,180
ima1diot ima1diotDonate for the kids! - 11,700
kintaris kintarisCan I jump on someone's head for the Conan Exiles Platinum please? :D 93,471
Koding KodingLEGO Completion #63 :: LEGO City Undercover (PS4) 185,813