TrueTrophies Game Information Team

Gamer Score Logged In Position
Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_KisuragiThe work never ends... 19,664
Adurna101 Adurna101 3,053
AstonMatinDBS AstonMatinDBS 261,874
BeardedScot86 BeardedScot86 782,848
Canezza Canezza 72,757
Chris1-1sirhC Chris1-1sirhC 186,957
Cloud-side Cloud-side 496,055
CMDR-Z CMDR-ZYou’ve all been great people. Be safe and be well in the future. Goodbye! 634,549
ColdDog ColdDog 220,008
darkjian92 darkjian92 1,333,295
DeathHuntsUs DeathHuntsUs 15
Judge_Bergan Judge_Bergan 5,104
KTKarona KTKaronaDamn. Guess Perfect Parry No Straight Roads is still bugged, even now. So much for that Plat. 630,803
MichalKV_PS MichalKV_PS 15
Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205. 12,697
PorthMinster PorthMinster 250,997
puffydog puffydog 297,845
Ressagy Ressagy 134,128
ShinKotake ShinKotakeFinally back to 1.87 ratio. Thanks Killing Floor 2! 530,689
SlayeretteSean SlayeretteSean 305,054
Smudgenater SmudgenaterSmudgenat0r everywhere, but someone stole my name on PSN 2,017
Spikeynesss Spikeynesss[clap] to everyone on the monthly spam day 297,291
SuperBeckah SuperBeckah 2,523
Teh_Paralyzer Teh_ParalyzerShame Ape Escape only wants you to reach the first ending. Plat earned before 100% and True Ending... My favorite Boss Fight as a kid not a Trophy 162,096
Tiawyn Tiawyn 225,872
WebChimp_UK WebChimp_UKhello! 31