TrueTrophies Game Information Team

Gamer Score Logged In Position
biff_beefcake biff_beefcake 478,290
On site
BeardedScot86 BeardedScot86 435,708
Nomstuff NomstuffTime to play more GTA 66,604
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Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_KisuragiAnyone else need Gold gear in Apex? [laugh] 5,011
AceSoloMcCloud AceSoloMcCloud 103,696
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AtsumaKarin AtsumaKarinI'm scared...threw up blood at work today. Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. [cry] 959,695
BulletLukey BulletLukey 1,237
chewieonice chewieoniceIs there anyway for me to pop a trophy on anything else in the same way as I can get achievements on PC/iOS? 0
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colind67 colind67x D00G x's account for GI Work. 0
DaveKinetic DaveKineticNearly bought a PS3 today. Took all of my will power to say no. Think the mrs would have knocked me 2,117
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Fiona_Respha Fiona_Respha 177,200
ItsKrista ItsKrista 317,275
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Judge_Bergan Judge_Bergan 5,080
kintaris kintarisCan I jump on someone's head for the Conan Exiles Platinum please? :D 93,711
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MichalKV_PS MichalKV_PS 15
Najinceil Najinceiltest 452,845
Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205. 9,282
NOBLEPX672 NOBLEPX672Anyone got a PS3 copy of FUSE to play both COOP and ECHELON game modes? 196,215
Pipsqweek PipsqweekBring on the TrueGaming Network super account ;) 389,839
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Slayer1189 Slayer1189From what the Sony CEO said and analysts opinion, it seems the PS5 is likely to be under £500 at launch, which has me concerned... Sony are still a 429,790
StuTheChief StuTheChiefI feel so dirty getting all these easy plat stacks but it is doing wonders for my overall stats 605,168
SuperBeckah SuperBeckahSuperAwsomez account for GI work. 2,374
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Teh_Paralyzer Teh_ParalyzerFirst Microsoft took away my Lips and now Sony robs me of my Singstar.... This IS the darkest Timeline... 121,225
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theguytom theguytomLinear Bounded Phenogram PS4 has no trophies :rooFeels: 469,429
TheWingedAziel TheWingedAziel 149,521
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Tiawyn Tiawyn 129,466
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