TrueTrophies Community and Events Team

Gamer Score Logged In Position
AstonMatinDBS AstonMatinDBS 264,997
Beanpottter Beanpottter 7,315
BeardedScot86 BeardedScot86 791,100
Clever__Jake Clever__JakeThis is my account... honest... 4,813
ColdDog ColdDog 222,259
PorthMinster PorthMinster 251,075
Rimbaudelaire Rimbaudelaire 417,153
Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_KisuragiThe work never ends... 19,679
Teh_Paralyzer Teh_ParalyzerShame Ape Escape only wants you to reach the first ending. Plat earned before 100% and True Ending... My favorite Boss Fight as a kid not a Trophy 161,697
Tiawyn Tiawyn 231,120
TrueTrophy TrueTrophyDecade leaderboards are a first for any site I believe :) 11,380
WebChimp_UK WebChimp_UKhello! 31