TrueTrophies Community and Events Team

Gamer Score Logged In Position
AtsumaKarin AtsumaKarin[wave] 1,286,599
Beanpottter Beanpottter 6,285
BeardedScot86 BeardedScot86 644,705
Clever__Jake Clever__JakeThis is my account... honest... 4,874
Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_KisuragiHappy WW PS5 launch day everyone. Hope you all get your consoles setup and enjoy the new controller. 14,863
Teh_Paralyzer Teh_ParalyzerHa, my PlayStation story is so me! 156,729
Tiawyn Tiawyn 185,278
TrueTrophy TrueTrophyDecade leaderboards are a first for any site I believe :) 11,217
WebChimp_UK WebChimp_UKhello! 31