TrueTrophies Staff List

Gamer Score Logged In Position
Punkyliar Punkyliar 39,016
On site
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AtsumaKarin AtsumaKarinSo how is everybody doing lately? [smile] Anything exciting to report? Gaming and IRL? 540,604
On site
DaveKinetic DaveKineticNearly bought a PS3 today. Took all of my will power to say no. Think the mrs would have knocked me 58
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GAMERJET GAMERJETNew Homepage badges are online! [clap] 434,578
HitmanOllie HitmanOllie 15
TrueTrophy TrueTrophytesting new gamer feed stuff 4,104
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WebChimp WebChimp 31
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BulletLukey BulletLukey 1,238
kintaris kintarisThose Valkyries in God of War are tough but fun. Four down... 16,174
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Kornfan2007 Kornfan2007 345,369
Nomstuff Nomstuff?? ?? 0 ??? ?? 59,843
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Prem-aka-Prince Prem-aka-Prince"The world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?" 259,378
Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_KisuragiFour Kings Casino is fun...but, getting into the VIP is going to be rough, and the Super Slots and Bowling may take me a bit. 1,731
AlanP AlanPTrophies! 8,179
ChromiumStars ChromiumStarsNo PS3 for a little makes those scary scary death-click sounds. :( 612
CriticalRespawn CriticalRespawnTest 64
davem300490 davem300490Who cares if one more light goes out? Who cares if someones time runs out. I do. LP-CB 307,940
Dimmock_V2 Dimmock_V2Unless Sony pulled a Bayonetta 2 with Street Fighter V then I feel rather worried for the people run 3,500
dropK1CK_ninJA dropK1CK_ninJAMaybe I should restart a tag and get 100% now! Haha 46
ExtremePhobia ExtremePhobiaGot the platinum in Uncharted 4 today. More importantly, made my goal of 100 trophies in one month w 121,618
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ima1diot ima1diotDonate for the kids! - 10,343
osubluejacket osubluejacketI still don't have a PS3/PS4... that might not be changing any time soon. 0
AceSoloMcCloud AceSoloMcCloud 88,311
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biff_beefcake biff_beefcake 264,993
Candidate_23 Candidate_23 27,455
chewieonice chewieoniceIs there anyway for me to pop a trophy on anything else in the same way as I can get achievements on PC/iOS? 0
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Clever__Jake Clever__JakeThis is my account... honest... 4,793
colind67 colind67x D00G x's account for GI Work. 0
Dat_Boi_Treezy Dat_Boi_TreezyYouTube (Ash Treezy) | Twitch (datboitreezy) | Twitter @TA_Treezy | Mixer (DatBoiTreezy) | 0
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Dog_of_Thunder Dog_of_ThunderFirst trophy in the Sega Collection was Shining Force. Of course. 20,687
Eurydace Eurydace 588
Fiona_Respha Fiona_Respha 157,774
ItsKrista ItsKristaAssuming there is no AC this year I'm thinking of trying out the Prince of Persia games. How do they hold up? 271,915
ItZz_GeoRG_ ItZz_GeoRG_Christmas hype!!! 61,399
IWantATrilby IWantATrilby 26,321
KBop_a_doo KBop_a_doo 17,572
Luc1dDreaming Luc1dDreaming 0
Marc_Pilkington Marc_Pilkington 18,077
MegsonGrove MegsonGroveI'm just here to write the news! 0
MeltdownStu MeltdownStuOn hiatus for Xbox GTASC 12,287
MichalKV_PS MichalKV_PS 15
Mythic_Typhoon Mythic_TyphoonHey, it's almost time to earn trophies on this account 4,603
NexusGrunt NexusGruntQuestions whether he'll ever get any trophies ... 0
Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205 8,462
NOBLEPX672 NOBLEPX672wow, earned 30 trophies total this year so far. going strong :D 160,941
OkayEA_Sports OkayEA_Sports 26,280
Pipsqweek PipsqweekBring on the TrueGaming Network super account ;) 302,827
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Slayer1189 Slayer1189So... Death Stranding went from a game that seemed interesting to a game I don't really care for in one night [laugh] 314,635
StuTheChief StuTheChiefNeed your opinion guys (whilst boosting this horrendous game) For my next blog, should I write it or would you prefer a podcast? 432,352
tbzab tbzab 8,654
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theguytom theguytom 397,325
TheKrauserReport TheKrauserReportIm so stealthy, I feel like my knife has a silencer... 19,176
TheWingedAziel TheWingedAziel 118,552
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Tiawyn Tiawyn 74,244
Twinkling82 Twinkling82So if anyone with a US account is looking to get Lawbreakers, PM me. 62,845
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VinumSabbato VinumSabbatois probably gaming on Xbox Live 841
WillC1008 WillC1008 2,932
ZeroSeven_X ZeroSeven_XBoooooo! ZeroSeven_X sucks balls! Retro_Clank is much, MUCH cooler! 346,248
zzUrbanSpaceman zzUrbanSpacemanRandom status update. 127
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