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1 Najinceil Najinceil 11,017
2 Shadow_Kisuragi Shadow_Kisuragi 6,283
3 munchmagic1986 munchmagic1986Anyone still need to do the Club Update in Rocket League? 6,089
4 StuTheChief StuTheChiefBowing out of Leap Frog to focus on the team element of GTTSC. Not enough hours in the day for me. Good luck to whoever is left toast 5,050
5 Nomstuff Nomstuff 4,858
6 Fiona_Respha Fiona_Respha 4,167
7 GAMERJET GAMERJETCurrently playing Brick Breaker Star space king and Metal Gear solid 2. 3,819
8 Nighthawk205 Nighthawk205. 2,776
9 kintaris kintarisCan I jump on someone's head for the Conan Exiles Platinum please? :D 2,667
10 BlueSeptember17 BlueSeptember17 2,652
11 TrueTrophy TrueTrophyDecade leaderboards are a first for any site I believe :) 2,623
12 ExtremePhobia ExtremePhobiaGot the platinum in Uncharted 4 today. More importantly, made my goal of 100 trophies in one month w 2,285
13 AtsumaKarin AtsumaKarinI am now rank 666 in Trials Rising! shock 2,247
14 Spilner1001 Spilner1001KZ shadowfall is pretty 2,212
15 KBop_a_doo KBop_a_doo 1,866
16 BeardedScot86 BeardedScot86 1,806
17 Tiawyn TiawynNo Man's Sky PS5 trailer 1,781
18 DamnSilly DamnSilly 1,695
19 WebChimp WebChimphello! 1,635
20 biff_beefcake biff_beefcake 1,430
21 Pipsqweek PipsqweekBring on the TrueGaming Network super account ;) 1,256
22 smokin_cheez smokin_cheez 1,234
23 Eurydace Eurydace 1,231
24 iWantEllenPage iWantEllenPageReaching out to this community as I don't have really anywhere else to go to. If someone could help distract me, I would really appreciate it 1,212
25 davem300490 davem300490Cheese it. 1,087
26 MonkeyBrad91 MonkeyBrad91PSA: Black Friday sale includes 25% off a year's PS Plus subscription. £37.50 isn't bad! 1,036
27 Koding KodingWant to try out the Playstation 4 System Sofware v8.00 Beta? 911
28 TwinklingPlays TwinklingPlaysSo if anyone with a US account is looking to get Lawbreakers, PM me. 866
29 SolaceCreed SolaceCreedGot WWE 2K20 for free let's see why 2K21 was cancelled then laugh 850
30 Cloud_2049 Cloud_2049 705
31 NuPhoenixX NuPhoenixXBack to gaming under my reclaimed ID: Dog_Of_Thunder 643
32 SuperBeckah SuperBeckahSuperAwsomez account for GI work. 600
33 MitchCRafT_nM3 MitchCRafT_nM3PREY is eating my days away! I love it when a game does that because it doesn't happen often for me 599
34 DaveKinetic DaveKineticNearly bought a PS3 today. Took all of my will power to say no. Think the mrs would have knocked me 572
35 TroubleMaker411 TroubleMaker411Dishonored Def. Edition and Dishonored 2 between now and Spring? I'll be dying a happy man! 550
36 EnigmaticFrenzyy EnigmaticFrenzyy90 hours into Ragnarok and only 32.66% of Cards unlocked. Safe to say this won't be a platinum. 543
37 MichalKV_PS MichalKV_PS 528
38 Luc1dDreaming Luc1dDreaming 527
39 theguytom theguytomLinear Bounded Phenogram PS4 has no trophies :rooFeels: 522
40 Canezza Canezza 505
41 redknightalex redknightalexOn Day 2 of surgery recovery and certainly feeling the pain. Hope to have my PS4 up and running again so I don't have to rely on match-3 games for fun 487
43 Marc_Pilkington Marc_Pilkington 460
44 BulbAssured BulbAssured 458
45 ObliviousSenpai ObliviousSenpai 449
46 Adurna101 Adurna101 444
47 MarcC_29 MarcC_29 417
48 NOBLEPX672 NOBLEPX672Anyone got a PS3 copy of FUSE to play both COOP and ECHELON game modes? 399
49 CognitiveCaveat CognitiveCaveatFinished Adam's Venture: Origins. 15/15 trophies. Did this on XB1, still a decent game. Not spectacular, has some graphical and gameplay hitches. 7/10 341
50 OkayEA_ OkayEA_ 333
51 MegaPiep MegaPiep 312
52 DeathofRats09 DeathofRats09My decade on PlayStation 309
53 VysetheLegend84 VysetheLegend84Happy 2019 to everyone, here's to another great year of gaming! 290
54 Leigrez LeigrezI have played so little lately and been so busy with work... that I don't even understand how I was able to play as much as I did this past year. 274
55 ManuBAD_iT ManuBAD_iTVOLVO VNL670 📌 by Aradeth (CINEMATIC Movie) rock 266
56 LunchCannon54 LunchCannon54Who needs a controller? I do after that shitty Fighting Vipers trophy. 263
57 BruceWayne1008 BruceWayne1008 261
58 MysticalShadow86 MysticalShadow86Got a PS VR! 251
59 WillC1008 WillC1008 237
60 NekoRave NekoRaveNo death run Necrosphere 30 min speedrun 35 min speedrun with ALL COLLECTABLES 230
61 FNL4EVA23 FNL4EVA23 229
62 FierceMonkeyMan FierceMonkeyMan 225
63 boldfox85 boldfox85Hollow Knight for free next month. I' glad I didn't buy it. 216
64 RudeManShushing RudeManShushing 215
65 ScutumMagister ScutumMagisterDungeon Travelers 2 is pretty fun but hate only having 5 characters in a party. 6 has been the norm 210
66 HelixNebula_x HelixNebula_xTo anyone who's played it: Is Crash 4 worth the price? 207
67 VVVriv VVVrivMass Effect Trilogy Remaster is gonna happen this year, I hope 204
68 PLATINBLAZE PLATINBLAZEI Used To Be a Trophy-Hunter Like You, Then I Took An Arrow In The...wait...what... 200
69 DevinJMcIntyre DevinJMcIntyre 198
70 Zvetiki Zvetiki 192
71 VestedTomb32 VestedTomb32 191
72 LEFT__4__DEAD__2 LEFT__4__DEAD__2Panache! - Reincarnation! 186
73 DragonessHera DragonessHera 179
74 Slayer1189 Slayer1189Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue to me and has a solution. In Resogun, I am unable to participate in the weekly challenge and I cannot 178
75 xTwoFace619x xTwoFace619x 168
76 xblOrder xblOrderAnyone have Dark Souls 2, just got to the Fume Knight boss and would like help (DLC under Iron Keep) 167
77 Nelson-Hellier Nelson-HellierLook after the bronzes, and the platinums will look after themselves. 162
78 ScottishNub ScottishNub 160
79 SisterNotCister SisterNotCisterFelice Amerie - Trans Rights Activist 159
80 TheTimeHasCome6 TheTimeHasCome6 150
81 Vi-For-Vendetta Vi-For-VendettaA nightmare is fed before it is born 148
82 ImFunnyHow ImFunnyHowTrohpy streak is over. Became a chore, was popping one a day lately to merely maintain it. 147
84 MadCarbon MadCarbonLFG: Helldivers. Message me here or PSN :) 144
85 Fractal_Dragon Fractal_Dragon 139
86 mysticmosh mysticmoshI think this new trophy level system is the biggest fuck up in gaming!. Just uncap level 100 FFS!. 138
87 minpinz23186 minpinz23186Just moved to the dark side...must get more trophies 138
88 LiquidCode LiquidCode 137
89 RhinoVanDam RhinoVanDamThink we’re gonna see a lot of trophies pop after a certain video on YouTube today haha! 134
90 PeeMcPee PeeMcPeeAnyone else get the "one item on your wishlist is going on sale" notifications, only to get an error when you click on it? 134
91 Flakk FlakkHappy New Year! Wishing everyone an awesome (and hopefully game-filled) 2019! 130
92 brickarys brickarys 127
93 RestlessPilgrim RestlessPilgrimIf you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or thi 125
94 Emiinah EmiinahAll classes leveled and ready to go for the GoT Raids. If anyone is looking for a team member :D 123
95 TheWingedAziel TheWingedAziel 122
96 takutoneko takutonekoWhen games don't allow you to invert means instant uninstall for 122
97 daemont101 daemont101To anyone who Platinums Crash 4, congrats. They really made it hard for the sake of being hard lol 121
98 Frankie_Drums_ Frankie_Drums_Frankie_Drums_'s blog post - 2020 games I'm interested in 120
99 The_Great_M0j0 The_Great_M0j0Can't decide between a new English account and having an American account please comment / vote with 120
100 AVandelBuster AVandelBusterI need to poop. 119