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1 munchmagic1986 munchmagic1986Just tried the NieR: Automata demo, that really doesn't feel like NieR at all. Still fun though, more like MGR 2 if anything 6,024
2 Punkyliar PunkyliarMerry Christmas and Happy New Year! Newshound service will resume on January 3rd. 3,811
3 Fiona_Respha Fiona_Respha 3,010
4 BlueSeptember17 BlueSeptember17 2,624
6 Prem-aka-Prince Prem-aka-PrinceNo way to set a site goal for DLCs completed... that's a shame 2,255
7 Spilner1001 Spilner1001KZ shadowfall is pretty 2,210
8 ExtremePhobia ExtremePhobiaGot the platinum in Uncharted 4 today. More importantly, made my goal of 100 trophies in one month with a mere 1 hour 16 minutes to spare! 2,143
9 A_Tennis_Giraffe A_Tennis_GiraffePLODIPOP 1,612
10 StuTheChief StuTheChiefHey guys. How are we all doing? 1,605
11 Nomstuff NomstuffMy 24 hours starts now! - Donate here - 1,393
12 WebChimp WebChimp 1,280
13 smokin_cheez smokin_cheezIf anybody's down to boost PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, please PM me or join my session! 1,233
14 iWantEllenPage iWantEllenPageFound out how invisible I really am in life. 3 weeks of complete solitude and not one person reached out to me. 1,130
15 chadandjessie chadandjessieCongrats to all Froggies and especially to Killeveloot on the win! 1,044
16 KBop_a_doo KBop_a_doo 1,042
17 Pipsqweek PipsqweekBring on the TrueGaming Network super account ;) 874
18 davem300490 davem300490Currently really poorly, cannot seem to get over any infection and keep getting floored by it. I am still here, just having to take it steady. 864
19 MonkeyBrad91 MonkeyBrad91Session up for doing the Landmark Tour trophy in The Crew tomorrow. Four hour relaxing chat, drive and drink. :) 859
20 Harris59 Harris59 810
21 IWantATrilby IWantATrilby 810
22 TrueTrophy TrueTrophyWe are going full https..... 749
23 Eurydace Eurydace 746
24 Cloud_2049 Cloud_2049 705
25 Kornfan2007 Kornfan2007 668
26 NuPhoenixX NuPhoenixXBack to gaming under my reclaimed ID: Dog_Of_Thunder 635
27 Twinkling82 Twinkling82Gamingtalk discord server - currently disussing why exclusive games is happening 623
28 MitchCRafT_nM3 MitchCRafT_nM3The worst case of double posting i have ever seen laugh 602
29 Candidate_23 Candidate_23 599
30 Matrarch MatrarchCongrats to the TT hounds on already publishing over 1000 stories. Got there much fast than TA did. laugh 598
31 Oldest_Ancient Oldest_AncientDive complete. 358 trophies to go 593
32 TroubleMaker411 TroubleMaker411Dishonored Def. Edition and Dishonored 2 between now and Spring? I'll be dying a happy man! 550
33 EnigmaticFrenzyy EnigmaticFrenzyy90 hours into Ragnarok and only 32.66% of Cards unlocked. Safe to say this won't be a platinum. 543
34 redknightalex redknightalexOn one of my longest Skyrim binges as I work through every damn quest I can. And lots of levels. Also, DW on Vita hits today, I'll grab that. 479
35 Rekusurii Rekusurii 475
36 Marc_Pilkington Marc_Pilkington 451
37 ObliviousSenpai ObliviousSenpai 450
38 DixieGunThug DixieGunThugThanks for a great season, Panthers! We'll be back!! 405
39 MarcC_29 MarcC_29 385
40 alklein92201 alklein92201 359
41 ExsphereBrawler ExsphereBrawlerGuess the scanners have retired? lol 338
42 Funderballs_007 Funderballs_007Funderballs_007 has rated the TT scanners 0.5 out of 5 316
43 MegaPiep MegaPiep 312
44 Jyejitsu Jyejitsu 309
45 PureVapour420 PureVapour420PS3-500GB - PS4-2TB - PSVITA-64GB 286
46 VysetheLegend84 VysetheLegend84The start of the year may have been a little slow for games I wanted, but this last half is INSANE! 282
47 knight0fkh0nshu knight0fkh0nshu 272
48 Postmortimus Postmortimus 267
49 NekoRave NekoRave666 games played XD 263
50 LunchCannon54 LunchCannon54Trying to get the Secret Episode to unlock I accidentally overwrote Ventus's file. Pretty pissed off with myself. At least there's the Critical run. 258
51 Gaelic-_-Flame Gaelic-_-Flame3 trophies a day keeps the doctor away :) 256
52 kintaris kintaris 247
53 AGNOSTICMADBALL AGNOSTICMADBALLThe new GRAND TURISMO looks amazing. I am excited and can't wait to play it 239
54 Linkx41 Linkx41 237
55 ErgoMeSmart ErgoMeSmartShoot-a Story has been Greenlit on Steam and I'll be at Insomnia 58 at the end of August showing off Grow in the Hole in the Indie Zone! 234
56 True-XenoBlade True-XenoBladeSooo ... those order 1886 reviews eh? Ouch laugh 232
57 FNL4EVA23 FNL4EVA23 229
58 MysticalShadow86 MysticalShadow86Really enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda 225
59 DeathofRats09 DeathofRats09Impact wrestling 221
60 strifekun strifekun 220
61 ScutumMagister ScutumMagisterDungeon Travelers 2 is pretty fun but hate only having 5 characters in a party. 6 has been the norm since the early 80's so 5 always just feels off. 210
62 DaveKinetic DaveKineticNearly bought a PS3 today. Took all of my will power to say no. Think the mrs would have knocked me out if I had. 210
63 Rick_Nya Rick_NyaAre the scanners broken again? 201
64 RayvenMorrigana RayvenMorriganaQuitting YouTube. Thank you to everyone who supported us. 193
65 HelixNebula_x HelixNebula_xGonna take a break from going after the FFXV plat to try and get into The Witcher 3 again, third times the charm! 192
66 Murder_of_Birds Murder_of_BirdsKeep Moving Forward! <3 191
67 DeathExpectancy DeathExpectancyJesus the lip synching in Killzone:SF is atrocious. Game is great, but damn that lip synching when they talk is sad. 187
68 The_Unbranched The_Unbranched 186
69 Najinceil Najinceil 167
70 Tiawyn Tiawyn 164
71 xblOrder xblOrderIf your not unlocking trophies in Mass Effect Andromeda, it could be you need to be connected to the EA server, but I don't know for sure 159
72 ShinUkyo ShinUkyoI miss being able to actually play games. Instead of working 60 hours a week and then spending the weekend sleeping/recovering. Pray for me. 158
73 ClownTastic08 ClownTastic08Anybody know of a good site to buy SNES etc games (NOT EBAY), preferably PAL but not a must 153
74 dropK1CK_ninJA dropK1CK_ninJAMaybe I should restart a tag and get 100% now! Haha 153
75 xMw2x_DeCePtiOnS xMw2x_DeCePtiOnS 149
77 MadCarbon MadCarbonLFG: Helldivers. Message me here or PSN :) 144
78 Fractal_Dragon Fractal_Dragon 139
79 AtsumaKarin AtsumaKarinWorking on a Sunday. Bleh. :/ Oh well, I suppose I get Tuesday off to make up for it... 138
80 ImFunnyHow ImFunnyHowBean dive recovered, my two favorite numbers 3 & 9 combined for 93 Days & 193 Trophies. Fitting to end my current trophy streak here 134
81 Vinyl_Mat_Black Vinyl_Mat_BlackDusty Felice Amerie Richmond 132
82 Aeon-Rising Aeon-Rising[T]ake [Y]our [H]eart 131
83 LordRhino LordRhinoIt's nice not worrying about finishing games, like the old days just enjoying them, not worrying about trophies too much! 130
84 Ojotango Ojotango 128
85 RestlessPilgrim RestlessPilgrimIf you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. 125
86 DragonessHera DragonessHera 123
87 terrett101 terrett101 121
88 The_Great_M0j0 The_Great_M0j0Can't decide between a new English account and having an American account please comment / vote with reasons for / against I'll decide later 120
89 takutoneko takutonekoThis site n my phone hate each other n I'm pretty sure it's the damn ads on here. 120
90 Toddisodd21 Toddisodd21 118
91 Paully005 Paully005 117
92 Raccoon28200 Raccoon28200Unis pour la liberté <3 116
93 Graymouse_1 Graymouse_1 112
94 theguytom theguytomI'm a bit sporadic with my habits 109
95 Barsoomian BarsoomianAC Unity is a bit disappointing. Million things to do, but the franchise stealth and combat mechanics needs improvements. Mordor shows the way imo. 106
96 AFatalTouch AFatalTouchWell isnt that just great. Go to boot up my laptop, to find that windows 10 installed itself 104
97 rdenton85 rdenton85Anyone wanna play Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris? I'm eager to get that started asap. Didn't realise how few trophies there are. 102
98 biff_beefcake biff_beefcake 101
99 ounit666 ounit666Battlefield 1 is amazing ! Add me if any of you love it and want to squad up. 98
100 ima1diot ima1diotDonate for the kids! - TrueAchievements 98