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Sniper Elite 5 new DLC hinted at by single trophy reveal

A Sniper Elite 5 DLC trophy has just been picked up by our scanners for an expansion called Landing Force. Though the pack has not yet been revealed, this will be a new campaign level for the PS5 and PS4 game.

Posted 1 year ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 1

Sniper Elite 5 scopes in PS5 trophy list

Sniper Elite 5 is developed and published by Rebellion and we have just scanned in the trophy list. It is coming to PS5 and PS4 on May 26th, 2022.

Posted 1 year ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 1

Days Gone headlines April's PS Plus games

Sony has confirmed the line-up for PlayStation Plus in April: Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War, along with Oddworld: Soulstorm for PS5.

Posted 3 years ago by Heidi Nicholas 12

New PlayStation Releases: December 3rd – December 7th

We're into December, traditionally a time when game releases start slowing down a little. But this week sees quite a few interesting titles hit the stores, including Just Cause 4, two Persona dancing games and PUBG.

Posted 6 years ago by Sam Quirke

New Screens for Strange Brigade Reveal Seteki the Witch Queen

A new set of screenshots have emerged for developer Rebellion's upcoming third-person shooter, Strange Brigade. Viewers can take a real long and close up look of Seteki the Witch Queen as well as plenty of her ne'er do wells.

Posted 6 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Arca's Path VR Creators Talk Story and Physics

Arca's Path sees a young girl living on a scrap heap finds a mask that transports her to a magical sci-fi world... as a rolling ball. It's pretty to look at and unusual in concept, and apparently very relaxing too.

Posted 6 years ago by Sam Quirke

Two Strange Brigade Videos Show Ripping New Features

Two new videos have emerged for Rebellion's soon to be released co-op adventure shooter, Strange Brigade, with both showing more detail on what's new for the game since it was first unveiled at last year's E3.

Posted 6 years ago by Chewie

Strange Brigade’s Trailer Shows Co-op Gameplay

Some would say Rebellion's 1930s adventure is like a co-op Indiana Jones. Personally, I think Strange Brigade looks more like a co-op The Mummy if today’s trailer is any indication.

Posted 6 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Strange Brigade is a Quest for Ancient Treasure

Set during the 1930s in the darkest corners of the British Empire, the Strange Brigade is a group of explorers searching for ancient treasures while facing hordes of mythological monstrosities.

Posted 7 years ago by Marc Caccamise

Sniper Elite 4 Video Previews New Content

An extended Let's Play video from Rebellion previews a range of new content coming to their third person stealth shooter Sniper Elite 4 later this week.

Posted 7 years ago by Luc1d

Rebellion Video Teaser Of Upcoming Titles

Rebellion released a video of two of their upcoming titles, Rogue Trooper REDUX and Strange Brigade. Rebellion is known for titles such as Sniper Elite 4, Zombie Army Trilogy, and Aliens vs Predator.

Posted 7 years ago by Dave Bricker

ROGUE TROOPER REDUX's Developers Walk Us Through the Gameplay

The new title is actually based on a 2006 tactical shooter called Rogue Trooper, which in turn was based on a comic book. Today, one of the game's original programmers, Rich May, is here to walk us through the demo.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Strange Brigade Developer Playthrough w/ Commentary

It's set in the 1930's and stars the Strange Brigade. They're a group of heroes from Britain who have super powers, which obviously makes them uniquely useful. Today's video showcases it all.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Rebellion Talks Us Through Strange Brigade Trailer

Rebellion has released a version of the reveal trailer for the recently announced Strange Brigade where they provide commentary that sheds more light on what to expect from the co-op shooter.

Posted 7 years ago by Chewie

Rebellion Announces Strange Brigade

Developer and publisher Rebellion, known for their work on titles such as Sniper Elite 4 and Zombie Army Trilogy, has announced Strange Brigade, another third-person shooter set in a mysterious and ancient world.

Posted 7 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Sniper Elite 4 Free Content Update Out Now

Sniper Elite 4 released on consoles back in February. Whether you decided to be silent or run and gun through enemies, the title contained multiple ways to play. This free content update only gives players more options.

Posted 7 years ago by Will Cruz

ROGUE TROOPER REDUX Trailer Asks Who is Rogue Trooper?

A new trailer for ROGUE TROOPER REDUX, TickTock Games' upcoming remake of the 2006 tactical shooter Rogue Trooper, shows off the remastered model of Rogue and talks about who and what he is.

Posted 7 years ago by Luc1d

Sniper Elite 4's First Round of Content Arrives Tuesday

The first batch of post-launch content for Sniper Elite 4 is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. There is part one of the mini-campaign, a multiplayer expansion pack and also a new free mode and map for multiplayer.

Posted 7 years ago by Kelly Packard

Sniper Elite 4 Post-Launch Content Detailed

Around its launch time, we heard word of a season pass for Sniper Elite 4. A tentative schedule for the game's post-launch content has been detailed, which will include both free updates and paid DLC.

Posted 7 years ago by Kelly Packard

Retail Releases: Week Of February 13th, 2017

For Honor, RIDE 2, Slain: Back from Hell, Sniper Elite 4, and Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 bundled with ARCADE GAME SERIES: GALAGA, PAC-MAN and DIG DUG.

Posted 7 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Sniper Elite 4 Launch Trailer and Season Pass Details

It's 1943. You are an elite soldier stuck behind enemy lines in Fascist Italy. Things are dire, and even when you complete your mission and the game is over, more missions are coming.

Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Sniper Elite 4 Multiplayer Stream Released

Four members of the Rebellion team showcase three different multiplayer modes in the upcoming Sniper Elite 4. Watch and learn as the team do battle in No Cross, Control, and Team Deathmatch.

Posted 7 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Sniper Elite 4 101 Gameplay Trailer Prepares you for War

Rebellion prepares their eager soldiers for deployment with a 101 gameplay trailer of all you need to know ahead of Sniper Elite 4's release. Learn about the story, setting, game modes, and more.

Posted 7 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Sniper Eliter 4 Survival Mode Let's Play

Sniper Elite 4 is only a couple of weeks away and the development team at Rebellion is continuing to provide detailed Let's Plays of the game's different modes. This time we have Survival Mode.

Posted 7 years ago by Ben Terrett

Sniper Elite 4 Extended Gameplay Footage

Rebellion reveals the first level of the upcoming sniper title with an extended video featuring both the familiar and new gameplay mechanics, including the signature x-ray kill-cam.

Posted 7 years ago by NexusGrunt

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