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Neonwall Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up the trophy list for Neonwall. There are 33 trophies, 6 of which are hidden

Posted 2 years ago by Rich Stone

Ace Joins The Cast Of Super Hyperactive Ninja

Following on from the additions of Caveman Warriors' Jack and the titular Argami earlier this week, Catalan studio JanduSoft have announced another guest character to Super Hyperactive Ninja: Ace from Ice Cream Surfer.

Posted 2 years ago by Andy Mills

Super Hyperactive Ninja Reveals Two New Characters

A couple of new trailers have been released revealing two characters who will be joining the Super Hyperactive Ninja team from a couple of other indie games. Say hello to Jack from Caveman Warriors and Aragami.

Posted 2 years ago by Ashley Woodcock