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Gamer TT Super Normal
MLSxGHOST MLSxGHOSTTwitter @LewdLila 78,315 Yes Yes
mmz41 mmz41Army of One 296,685 Yes Yes
MoshMFD73 MoshMFD73I'm not on very often, but it's time to bring that completion % up! 58,107 Yes Yes
MotorR21 MotorR21 601,395 Yes Yes
Mr_kimo114 Mr_kimo114 46,676 Yes Yes
Mr_Sorrow Mr_SorrowOnly Brutal and Speed run trophies left on Uncharted 2. Tomorrow time to start Brutal playtrough 470,341 Yes Yes
Mr-Matty27 Mr-Matty27 39,568 Yes Yes
MrsunchaserUK MrsunchaserUK 16,986 Yes Yes
Muljo Muljo 60,235 Yes Yes
musiquexcoeur musiquexcoeur30 • F • New York 3,434 Yes Yes
mysticmosh mysticmoshPS5 COMES TODAY :) 778,924 Yes Yes
natchnatty natchnattyIf it has all obtainable trophies, I will play it, and I will complete it 190,034 Yes Yes
NickMon68 NickMon68NickMon68 won in 2015 - 709 Trophies in 41 games, for a total of 20,757 TrueTrophy points (15,060 Tr 48,012 Yes Yes
Nomstuff Nomstuff 74,516 Yes Yes
Norpothos Norpothos 102,198 Yes Yes
NPLPanther NPLPanther 77,025 Yes Yes
Nuwisha NuwishaI would do unsavory things for an HD remake of Skies of Arcadia with an app (Vita or phone) replica of Pinta's Quest 273,119 Yes Yes
Ojotango Ojotango 54,373 Yes Yes
Ooawagaeri Ooawagaeri 14,084 Yes Yes
OVLORDALDUIN OVLORDALDUINcan i get my trophies 5,541 Yes Yes
Phantom_Heratic Phantom_Heratic 1,268 Yes Yes
Pipsqweek PipsqweekBring on the TrueGaming Network super account ;) 685,688 Yes Yes
PLATINBLAZE PLATINBLAZEI Used To Be a Trophy-Hunter Like You, Then I Took An Arrow In The...wait...what... 142,693 Yes Yes
Platypix Platypix 60,987 Yes Yes
plinkit plinkitPSVR is amazing! 312,543 Yes Yes
Prophet_Tom Prophet_TomMessage me via PSN if you want to boost. No random friend requests will be accepted. 99,229 Yes Yes
Queen_BeeATCH_x Queen_BeeATCH_x 35,415 Yes Yes
queensmistake queensmistakeLooking for friends... I have coooookies..... 1,874 Yes Yes
Randomicity912 Randomicity912Oh, nice. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming to PS4. Hopefully, to Steam as well. 32,920 Yes Yes
RealBlazeStorm RealBlazeStormI can't get enough of the Persona 5 Strikers soundtrack. GOTY material! 254,615 Yes Yes
Rebellem Rebellem 4,062 Yes Yes
redcantona redcantona 51,249 Yes Yes
redmanspryd3 redmanspryd3P E E P E E P O O P O O 65,827 Yes Yes
Rekusurii Rekusurii 6,135 Yes Yes
Retroclank-R2 Retroclank-R2 539,129 Yes Yes
RianTheBaptist RianTheBaptistTrophies, trophies everywhere... 63,475 Yes Yes
ripxdoc ripxdoc 404,155 Yes Yes
RoguexCanadian RoguexCanadian 186,944 Yes Yes
Romanus1 Romanus1What a way to lose a 700 day trophy streak a 32 hour power cut 199,221 Yes Yes
RRUIZ5 RRUIZ5 195,610 Yes Yes
sbg0924 sbg0924 3,166 Yes Yes
scntyboy71 scntyboy71xbox tag: scntyboy 38,323 Yes Yes
ScutumMagister ScutumMagisterDungeon Travelers 2 is pretty fun but hate only having 5 characters in a party. 6 has been the norm 21,599 Yes Yes
Shadowoso323 Shadowoso323 85,857 Yes Yes
ShawnTheObvious ShawnTheObviousAnd so the collection of trophies begins! 13,426 Yes Yes
ShinKotake ShinKotakeStarted a new full time job. It's always hard figuring out how to fit in video games. 450,749 Yes Yes
SilentElk SilentElk 47,318 Yes Yes
Skringle Skringle 69,775 Yes Yes
SoSolidJedi SoSolidJedi 998 Yes Yes