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Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD Remix
Type Game
Publisher Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Platform PS3
Discovered 25 Nov 2008
Last check 18 Jan 2020
Last on sale 17 Sep 2019
Release date 25 Nov 2008

The original MMA series is back! Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD Remix receives a whole new look while improving on the innovative fighting system of the original game. Updated with 1080p HD redrawn art, widescreen support and remixed music, SFHD Remix offers a unique experience that appeals to new fans and Street Fighter® purists alike. Play at home versus a friend or test your skills online. A new Remixed mode incorporates new techniques for your favorite characters. The original Super Street Fighter® II Turbo mode is built-in for those who want to revisit the game’s old school gameplay. This item is being licensed or sublicensed to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America and is subject to the Network Terms of Service and User Agreement, this item’s use restrictions and other applicable terms located at If you do not wish to accept all these terms, do not download this item. ©CAPCOM U.S.A., INC. 1991, 2008 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Capcom® Super Pack

Download the Super Pack, featuring seven of Capcom’s hottest PSN titles, and additional DLC content! Get the best action, strategy, puzzle, and fighting games all in one place for just $49.99. Catch the games you missed and give yourself the chance to experience PSN classics. The Super Pack includes: • Super Street Fighter® II HD Remix • FLOCK! • Age of Booty™ • 1942: Joint Strike • Wolf of the Battlefield™: Commando 3 • Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Remix • Rocketmen: Axis of Evil with the It Came from Uranus Pack included. ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2009, ©CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. 2009, CAPCOM U.S.A., INC. 2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Rocketmen Copyright © 2007, 2008 Wizkids, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used under license. Distributed by CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. AGE OF BOOTY™ © 2008 CERTAIN AFFINITY, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. DISTRIBUTED BY CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT, INC. UNDER LICENSE. Purchase or use of this item is subject to the PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and User Agreement. This item has been sublicensed to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America.