Godfall Challenger Edition Story Upgrade

This is an upgrade to Godfall: Challenger Edition that adds all content included in the Godfall: Deluxe Edition, including the original campaign story content and the Fire & Darkness Expansion.

The fallen hero Macros has turned against his own brother. His actions have already plunged Aperion into war and ruin. Macros and his lieutenants now seek the power of the gods to permanently solidify their place on the throne. It falls to you as a Hero of Aperion to rise against Macros. Fight your way across the realms!
·         Experience Godfall’s story and take on Macros the mad god
·         Confront the ancient evil, Moirax, and his Flameblood Tribe in the story of the Fire & Darkness expansion
·         Adventure across exotic vistas, from the above-ground reefs of the Water Realm to the azure magma rivers of the Fire Realm
·         Reignite your endgame experience with Fire Realm enemies now included in Dreamstones, Ascended Tower of Trials, and Lightbringer
·         Claim over 20 new Valorplate skins to save Aperion in style

·         All editions of Godfall have compatible co-op and support cross-gen play and matchmaking
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