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Our Church and Halloween RPG - Story Two
Type Game
Publisher Breakthrough Gaming LLC
Platform PS4
Discovered 02 May 2021
Last check 02 May 2021
Last on sale -
Release date 02 May 2021

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In a small village on the edge of the island, a young resident named James leaves in search of something. And what is he looking for? He's trying to get to the mountain top before Halloween. He received a letter claiming that if he goes there before Halloween begins, he can bring his parents back from the dead. Is the note correct? Is it good or evil? What's really beyond the forest?

The nights before Halloween starts are ticking away...

[Game Features]
-Simple game play and controls
-Halloween themed video game
-A game in the Our Church and Halloween series

[Character Profiles]
[[[( Here are the five main characters you'll see on your adventure! )]]]

James: A orphan boy in the village. He plans to travel hill by hill, far into the woods to get to the mountain before Halloween!
"I never wanted my parents to die... But now I can change things! I know they can't be immortals, but I can at least bring them back to life! Yeah! Going to this mountain at Halloween is going to change my life forever!"

Erin: An orphan girl in the village. She wants to help James on his journey, but doesn't agree with him!
"Only God can raise the dead! I told James that and didn't stay silent. I feel it within my heart... Something strange is going on around all this... And will things get stranger as he goes on? I don't agree with James... But I don't want him to go alone either, so..."

Sam: The neighbor of James and his best friend. He has a little sister named Amy.

Amy: Sam's little sister. While she might annoy him sometimes, Sam loves his sister and does what he can to keep her safe.
"Say hello to the cutest little sister ever! Me! Amy! And I can find the mountain all by myself! I may only be in the 4th grade, but I'm not afraid! I won't cry or have nightmares either!"

Scott: The local church pastor's son. He's in training to take over his dad's church. He and his family are among the most respected in the community.

[This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...]
-the Our Church and Halloween series
-the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series
-Halloween themed video games
-a Christian themed RPG about Halloween
-an RPG game without a sword as the main weapon
-games from before the time the CD-ROM drive was the standard feature among game consoles
-Christian anime games
-games about life and death and being immortal
-games about ghosts and zombies
-games about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
-spooky, fear, or horror games
-scary Halloween characters like a witch, a medium, a ghost, or a zombie
-a 2D pixel art story based JRPG
-games about trick or treating in October
-a game with Christian themes
-romance games
-an anime game featuring Bible principles
-Bible based games
-a Christian themed game that anyone can play
-black and white graphics

[Visit us online at our official website today!] Presents: Our Church and Halloween © 2011-2021 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / All Rights Reserved.

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