Poll: Rate the PS Plus 'free' games for PS5, PS4 in April 2024

The PS Plus Essential games for April 2024 have been revealed, including Immortals of Aveum, Minecraft Legends, and Skul The Hero Slayer! Let's rank the lineup.

Poll: Rate the PS Plus 'free' games for PS5, PS4 in April 2024
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


The PlayStation Plus April 2024 monthly games lineup has been revealed, bringing us a trio of fun new games to dive into. Are you excited for these new PS Plus 'freebies'? Or do you feel deeply underwhelmed by the three titles? Let us know by voting in our poll for the PS Plus games from April 2024!

April 2024 brings Immortals of Aveum and Minecraft Legends to PS Plus Essential

Arriving on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, the PS Plus Essential lineup this month will offer three titles each with different gameplay mechanics and genres to explore, which should mean there's a little bit of something for everybody to enjoy.

I may already own Immortals of Aveum and have watched my partner play it through to completion, but seeing it land on PS Plus has reinvigorated my desire to jump into it once again. The game may have suffered at launch and not seen the success that EA was hoping for, but don't be fooled, this is actually a fully competent and engaging FPS RPG. Sure, the story isn't going to change your life and the characters aren't all that memorable. However, if you approach with an open mind, there is a lot of fun to be had here. Just don't expect too much.
While it's certainly not Balatro, Staff Writer Lee's current obsession, Skul The Hero Slayer looks to have enough indie charm to capture Lee's attention I would assume. I mean, the guy loves platformers as well, with his love for those 2-D Sonic games being something he shares with us on a weekly basis. So, Skul The Hero Slayer and its action-packed rogue-lite 2D platforming gameplay should be more than enough to keep him well-fed.

Lastly, Editor Kes is still out exploring the big wide world, jumping off of rocks, climbing mountains, and probably swimming with dolphins. However, if he was here he would probably check out Minecraft Legends. Why do I think this? Well, me and Lee have claimed the other two and it's all that is left for him. Hey, if you get to take a two-month-long break, then don't be surprised if you're stuck with the dregs of the monthly games.
Now, we want to know what you guys are looking forward to playing. Will you be casting spells in Immortals of Aveum? Or does the strategic gameplay of Minecraft Legends appeal to you more? Do you think any of these games could worm their way onto our best PlayStation Plus games list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to give us a score from 1-5 in the poll below!
Rate the PS Plus 'free' games for PS5, PS4 in April 2024
  • 5 — One of the best ever lineups
  • 4 — Good lineup
  • 3 — Average lineup
  • 2 — Poor lineup
  • 1 — One of the worst lineups ever
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Written by Sean Lawson
Sean is a Staff Writer who focuses on the geekiest Sony news. He specializes in PlayStation trophies, the best PS Plus games, RPGs, and fighting games. Sean is using this experience to cover Stellar Blade, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, Baldur's Gate 3, and Dragon's Dogma 2 for PS5, all while he still dives into favorite games like Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, and Persona.
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