Poll: What did you think of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo?

This week saw the release of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo, finally letting players get an early glimpse of the PS5 exclusive. How did you find it?

Poll: What did you think of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo?
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


While those Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophies are still a little ways off, we can at least enjoy the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 demo and get a sense of the adventure we're in for. We want to hear from you though: how would you rate the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo?

Rate the first part of the FFVII Rebirth demo

Revealed during the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play showcase alongside a cavalcade of new tidbits about the PS5 exclusive, I have to say I really enjoyed what I played from the FFVII Rebirth demo. It was great to feel tiny improvements in how movement worked in the world, and of course it was wonderful to see the infamous Nibelheim flashback play out in those stunning PS5 visuals.
That said, I could understand criticisms of the demo. After all, while it does give us an early glimpse at the game's story, it is a little light on the gameplay side of things. This is only the first part of the demo after all, with the more gameplay heavy section in Junon getting patched in sometime before FFVII Rebirth's launch.

Ultimately, you're going to have to let us know how it landed with you. Had the demo got you pumped for one of the most exciting PS5 exclusives of the year? Or did it leave you wanting? Vote below and sound off in the comments to let us know!
What did you think of the FFVII Rebirth demo?
  • A perfect slice of what's to come!
  • Pretty good; I enjoyed it!
  • It was alright — I'd need to play a more
  • Have to say — wasn't too impressed
  • It was a waste of my time
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Written by Lee Brady
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