GOTY 2023 vote — Final Fantasy XVI raises hell against Armored Core VI

Here we are at round 7 of the Final 16 of the annual TrueTrophies Game of the Year contest. This time, Final Fantasy XVI and Armored Core VI light a fire!

GOTY 2023 vote — Final Fantasy XVI raises hell against Armored Core VI
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Get ready to cast your GOTY 2023 vote in the annual TrueTrophies tournament. Only the best PS5 and PS4 games released this year face each other down to earn your vote! In Round 7 of the Final 16, you'll need to decide whether the battle for those Final Fantasy XVI trophies was more or less intense than those Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon trophies. Who do you think deserves your vote this time around?

Game of the Year (Final 16, Round 7) — Final Fantasy XVI vs Armored Core VI

Look, if you've read my Final Fantasy XVI review, you know my opinion: it's an excellent game with a tiny bit too much tedious stuff crammed on top of it. Is it better than Armored Core VI? I haven't the slightest idea, because I never got around to ACVI. I heard it's good and that it's got a surprisingly engaging multiplayer mode, but mech games have always been a bit of a miss for me. Is it enough to beat FFXVI? Convince me with your votes!

We're currently in the Round of 16 in the TrueTrophies Game of the Year Tournament — which is slightly different from the TrueTrophies Game of the Year 2023 vote by the way! The winner from Round 7 of the Round of 16 will face the winner from Round 8 in the Quarter Finals, which could be Dead Space or Street Fighter 6. From there, the winner will then progress to the Semi-Final, and then the Grand Final.


Check out our guide to the best PS5 games to see which of these titles have already made it on that list. However, we want to know which of these 2023 releases deserves the GOTY crown? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you there!
Game of the Year 2023 — which game should win?
  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
We've had 129 responses.
Written by Lee Brady
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