Game of the Year 2022 Finals — God of War Ragnarok vs Elden Ring

By Lee Brady,

It's the final round of voting for our Game of the Year 2022 — God of War Ragnarok vs Elden Ring. The community has voted and now the decision comes down to you!

In the thirty-first and final match-up of our community vote for Game of the Year 2022, and which other games could it be but God of War Ragnarok vs Elden Ring. The winner will be crowned the TrueTrophies Community Game of the Year and receive bragging rights until the end of time.

GOTY FinalGame of the Year 2022 Match 31 — God of War Ragnarok vs Elden Ring

God of War Ragnarok vs Elden Ring

Our commiserations to Stray and Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion — two truly spirited competitors, but at the end of the day it could only have ever come down to these two behemoths: God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring. The former was the most anticipated PlayStation Studios title of the year and an easy pick for our best PS5 games list; the latter was the culmination of a long-gestating Dark Souls fan base finally breaking the mainstream with its most ambitious adventure yet.

In his glowing God of War Ragnarok review, TT Editor Kes described the game as "an action-adventure that will define the closing sentences of PS5's opening chapter." In a sense, this drives at exactly what makes Ragnarok the perfect fit for this finale. We can debate whether it is or isn't an "all-timer," but in regards to the transitional period between the PS4 and PS5 eras of PlayStation, God of War Ragnarok is the pin-point perfect marker for where the gaming giant was in 2022.

Meanwhile, Elden Ring represents something a little broader — a marker for where the games industry as a whole was in 2022. Building atop the bones of some of the best PS3 games ever made, Elden Ring stretches Dark Souls format to fit over gaming's most currently-prevalent trend: the open-world game. The results are remarkable — as much a scathing criticism of modern gaming as it is a nod to its more ambitious and praiseworthy qualities. Regardless of your preference, you know 2022 has been a great year for games when these two titles are vying to be your champion.


Now, for the last time in this competition, vote for your winner!
Game of the Year 2022 — Final
  • God of War Ragnarok
  • Elden Ring
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