Game of the Year 2022 Round 27 — Elden Ring vs Gran Turismo 7

By Lee Brady,

Game of the Year 2022 round twenty-seven and it's the Quarterfinals — Elden Ring vs Gran Turismo 7. The decision comes down to you!

Elden Ring takes on Gran Turismo 7 in the twenty-seventh match-up calling on the community vote for Game of the Year 2022. The winner will move forward to the semi-finals of this GOTY vote.

GOTYGame of the Year 2022 Match 27 — Elden Ring vs Gran Turismo 7

Elden Ring vs Gran Turismo 7

With nearly twice the amount of votes of an admittedly outmatched opponent Two Points Campus, Elden Ring has stormed into the quarterfinals to at last come face to face with some genuine competition: Gran Turismo 7. Coming from two entirely disparate genres, it's hard to predict which way this vote will go. Sure, Gran Turismo 7's platinum trophy woes may have left a foul taste in the mouth of TT's community, but at the end of the day, it is still a perfectly well crafted (and reviewed) PlayStation Studios title.

Plus, with Elden Ring's punishing difficulty, placing public opinion on this Game Awards GOTY winner can be a challenge in itself. However, all might not be lost for FromSoftware's opus — after all, 2022 saw a tremendous amount of Elden Ring platinum trophies getting unlocked. For a game this challenging to boast a 1/10 platinum trophy rate on PSN is some feat, and certainly more than can be said for GT7.


Now, vote in the poll and see you in the comments!
Game of the Year 2022 Round 27
  • Elden Ring
  • Gran Turismo 7
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