Game of the Year 2022 Round 25 — Stray vs A Plague Tale Requiem

By Lee Brady,

Game of the Year 2022 round twenty-five kicks off the Quarterfinals — it's Stray vs A Plague Tale Requiem. The decision comes down to you!

Stray takes on A Plague Tale Requiem in the twenty-fifth match-up calling on the community vote for Game of the Year 2022. The winner will move forward to the semi-finals of this GOTY vote.

GOTYGame of the Year 2022 Match 25 — Stray vs A Plague Tale Requiem

Stray vs A Plague Tale Requiem

Merry Christmas, and welcome to the quarterfinals of our little Game of the Year event! To celebrate — a festival theme: Cats vs Rats. Mice may not have been peeping on Christmas Eve, but rats? They were getting ready for a knuckle-dragging brawl with PlayStation Blog's second-favourite new character of the year, the cat from Stray.

After reviewing Stray and covering the one million-player success of A Plague Tale Requiem, this round will most likely be the hardest of the entire contest on TT Staff Writer Sean Lawson. He won't be alone though — both Stray and Plague Tale have been clear favourites in each of their previous bouts, so this might a tough one for our community!


Now, vote in the poll and see you in the comments!
Game of the Year 2022 Round 25
  • Stray
  • A Plague Tale Requiem
We've had 143 responses.
Lee Brady
Written by Lee Brady
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