Game of the Year 2022 Round 4 — A Plague Tale Requiem vs MultiVersus

By Lee Brady,

The fourth fight for Game of the Year 2022 sees A Plague Tale Requiem facing MultiVersus for who has the most prominent rodent, and the decision comes down to you!

Which would you prefer collecting, A Plague Tale Requiem trophies or MultiVersus trophies? In this fourth match-up calling on the community vote for Game of the Year 2022. This is the Round of 16 bracket, with the winner reaching the Quarterfinals in the GOTY vote.

Game of the YearGame of the Year 2022 Round of 16 (Match 4) — A Plague Tale Requiem vs MultiVersus

A Plague Tale Requiem vs MultiVersus

With one million A Plague Tale Requiem players out there and glowing reviews, it would seem the rat-related adventures of Amicia and Hugo de Rune would be a shoe-in for the quarterfinals of this Game of the Year tournament. Alas, things aren't so simple — for here comes MultiVersus the unkillable, our Best Online Game of 2022.

While A Plague Tale Requiem has granted Hugo the power of innumerable rats, MultiVersus has Jerry — rodent champion of the universe. For decades, Jerry's natural predator Tom has tried to rid the world of his mousy malevolence, and yet in MultiVersus we see Jerry manipulating the cat like a slightly more violent version of Pixar's Ratatouille. We would like to think that AAA showstopper A Plague Tale Requiem, an easy nominee for our best PS5 games list, would be a safe bet at this stage in the contest — unfortunately MultiVersus simply possess the most powerful rodent this side of Mickey, and we're afraid all bets are off.

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Now, vote in the poll and see you in the comments!
Game of the Year 2022 Round 4
  • A Plague Tale Requiem
  • MultiVersus
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