Game of the Year 2022 Round 9 — Two Point Campus vs Gotham Knights

By Lee Brady,

Game of the Year 2022 round nine has the brains of Two Point Campus facing off against the brawn of the Gotham Knights. The decision comes down to you!

Two Point Campus takes on Gotham Knights in this ninth match-up calling on the community vote for Game of the Year 2022. This is the Round of 16 bracket, with the winner reaching the Quarterfinals in the GOTY vote.

Game of the YearGame of the Year 2022 Round of 16 (Match 8) — Two Point Campus vs Gotham Knights

Two Point Campus vs Gotham Knights

Where Two Point Hospital looked to recapture and reiterate the superior design of the classic game Theme Hospital, Two Point Campus dares to take the old Bullfrog Productions energy and push it into bold new territory: a slightly different type of admin-intensive building. The brilliance is that slightly different is exactly what Theme Hospital fans have wanted this whole time, and you can almost see the jaded ghosts of Bullfrog finally finding peace now that Two Point Studios has made good on that lingering potential.

Meanwhile, jaded ghosts and lingering potentially may as well be spelt phonetically as "Gotham Knights." Hardly the critical darling of 2022 given the assuredly mixed nature of its review round-up, that hasn't stopped a band of loyal fans standing by WB Games Montreal's side to defend the game as perfectly enjoyable when you tune out all the accusations that the Xbox Series S version held the PS5 version back.

GOTY Table2The second half of the round of 16!

Now, vote in the poll and see you in the comments!
Game of the Year 2022 Round 9
  • Two Point Campus
  • Gotham Knights
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