Poll: What PS5 feature do you want to see next?

By Sean Carey,
The PS5 has been with us for three months now, and while it is a fantastic piece of hardware, there are some features the console desperately needs. First up on our wishlist would be more storage. Sony has promised to enable that M.2 storage slot inside the console once manufacturers have produced compatible SSDs — that firmware update can't come soon enough. The console is also missing 1440p resolution support, which Sony is reportedly considering, VRR support, a web browser, and more.

PS5 features

We'd also like to see a similar feature to Microsoft's Xbox FPS Boost, which can double the frame rate of select backwards compatible games. A fair few games have received updates to run at 60fps on the PS5, but this is largely down to developers. Xbox FPS Boost ups the frame rate for specific games without developers having to lift a finger.

For this week's TT poll, we want to know: What PS5 feature do you want to see next? Let us know by voting

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What PS5 feature do you want to see next?
  • Expanded storage33.33% (2)
  • 1440p support33.33% (2)
  • VRR support0% (0)
  • A feature similar to Xbox FPS Boost16.67% (1)
  • Web browser0% (0)
  • Expanded PlayStation Plus Collection library16.67% (1)
  • Other - let us know in the comments!0% (0)
We've had 6 responses.
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Written by Sean Carey
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