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TT Podcast Episode 33 - Getting Trendy
Welcome to another edition of the TT Podcast! This week, we dive into the trends in gaming that we expected to take hold and never did, and the trends that changed the world that we never expected. Be sure to share yours below!

Destiny 2 has been leaked, revealed, and had a teaser released in a very short span. Call of Duty 2017 could be headed back to World War II, but could this blow up in their face? Red Barrels has managed to sort out the trouble it ran into with the Australian Classification Board over Outlast 2, but we can't quite rule out self-censorship (or simple artistic intent).

That's just the first page of this proverbial (free) microtransaction catalog of your cliff scaling, controller moving, Umbrella Corps invoking TrueTrophies Podcast!
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