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TT Podcast Episode 23 - The One With the Four Boys
Welcome to another edition of the TT Podcast! This week, I'm joined by Prince, Ace, and TT's Walkthroughs Manager, who has a name, I swear!

Unfortunately, it appears that Crytek may once again not be paying their employees, and Final Fantasy XV is a pretty cool game that came out. Mark Wahlberg seems to have removed himself from the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie, but that's ok because we know four guys who are supremely photogenic. And finally, can trailers ruin games, can they improve games, or can they just stand on their own, sort of like that trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

We discuss all of this, and more, on this edition of the sabretusk hunting, magic sword wielding, chocobo hailing TrueTrophies Podcast.
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